Extend the Longevity of Your Cartridge Pool Filter Through Proper Maintenance  

by Pool Builders on 12-29-2011 in Articles

Pool cartridges have become an indispensable aspect of pool cleaning process.

If you are having a swimming pool in the backyard of your house, then you must have surely enjoyed quiet evenings in the summer months, with your near and dear ones? But, what if an algae comes floating around you or a frog. Here comes the need to install high quality swimming pool filters in your pool. Cartridge pool filters not just provide long term service but also provide easy maintenance at highly affordable prices.

Your old filtration might be offering you constant trouble. Pool filter cartridges have not just overcome all the drawbacks of conventional sand and D.E filters but are also technologically more advanced and are also very easy to clean.

However, with time, the filtering element gets depleted and therefore requires proper examination from time to time. On an average, you can refill a cartridge 2-3 times, but after that a new cartridge should be purchased, so that your filter keeps working correctly. However, these pool filter cartridges are reasonably priced. So, you do not lose out a fortune every time they need to be changed.

In order to realize when your cartridge filter requires cleaning, you need to keep a constant watch on your pool pump. The pump usually operates on a low pressure, however, with more and more accumulation of debris, the pressure increases and consequently, the amount of water moving through the filter system decreases.

Before you go on to buy cartridges for your swimming pool filters, make sure you purchase high qualityfilters from reputed brands. Cheap filters may contain filtering materials of low quality that may end up damaging your filters.

If you purchase from popular dealers and good brands, you can be well assured about the quality, even if the price may be higher initially. In fact, if you save a few bucks initially, it could cost you dearly at a later stage.

Cartridge filters are made up of polyester and make use a pleated paper filter to trap minute particles. When the water flows through the cartridge filters, it traps dirt and debris in the pores of filter. Since, cartridge filters have larger surface area as compared to other two filters types, less clogging occurs. Moreover, unlike DE or Sand filter, there is no hassle of backwashing the cartridge filter. Cartridge filters could be cleaned up only manually by removing the filters and hosing them off with water.

So, if you wish to maintain the longevity of your cartridge, regular cleaning and maintenance is required.

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