Extravagant Hotels  

by Pool Builders on 05-29-2013 in Articles

For most people, stays at hotels are pretty standard. Once in a while you may even stay at a four or five star where a valet dresses in a top hat and coat. Well it's time to completely retrain the way you think of your vacation accommodations. There are places out there with amenities that you have never seen at an amusement park, let alone a hotel.

Remember the movie Smart House? Well, at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, you can experience what it is like to control an entire room remotely through a highly sophisticated digital system that links appliances, lights, TV, and butler service. A five-figure stay at this venue may be set in classical Arabian architecture and furnishings, but it is filled with all of the modern luxuries that you can expect from the 21st century. You can lounge in handmade tapestries while watching global satellite television from 61-inch LCD screens. Guests are provided a private butler who caters to their every need. This is also the same hotel that boasted the world's priciest Christmas tree that is valued over 11 million dollars. The hotel does have the word "palace" in it.

Hotels pretty much always have swimming pools, but have you ever had a rooftop pool to yourself? A stay in the Presidential Suite at the InterContinental in Hong Kong may cost five figures per night, but you get that experience and more. This suite is located at the very top of the building and features a panoramic view of the Hong Kong skyline. The terrace itself is over 2500 square feet, the size of an average house. Another benefit of the place is the guests' choice of riding in a Phantom VI Rolls Royce or a Bentley. If that decision is too hard, you should just take a dive in your rooftop infinity swimming pool and hot tub.

Most people regard trips to the movie theater as a special escape, but when you stay at the Villa LA Cupola suite in the Westin Excelsior in Rome, you can have your own private cinema, as well as a private spa and a steam bath. You also get a wraparound terrace with an excellent view of one of the oldest surviving ancient cities. Also, forget about asking for room service, you get a personal chef who can cook up all types of concoctions whether you have a hankering for the local flare or something more nostalgic.

When you stay at a hotel and think that your complimentary shampoo is pretty amazing, you may want to demand a little more. It's always the little details that make staying at hotels amazing, and riding in a complimentary Rolls Royce helps as well.

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