FAQS on the Importance of Chlorine in Maintaining Your Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 12-30-2008 in Articles

Sanitizing your swimming pool is very important. This is because the water in it can be a good ground for breeding bacteria and other microorganisms that could be harmful to you. These things are not visible to the eyes but they can easily find a point of entry in your body. If you are swimming with cuts or open wounds, it is no doubt that these little things can freely enter in your body going past its normal defenses. With sanitizers in the pool, this scenario can be avoided.

There may be many sanitizers in the market today. However, the most reliable product is chlorine. This substance is very effective in attacking microorganism, breaking into their cell wall and seeping in to their bodies. What happens here is that their body compositions are destroyed. Thus, they will not be able to replicate nor produce harmful effects to the swimmer.

This bacteria fighting action of chlorine starts when it reacts with water. The by-product of the reaction is the Hypochlorous Acid. This is its strongest form and this is responsible for its sanitizing function. However, chlorine does not stay long enough. It rapidly deteriorates under sun exposure. After it has fought the microorganisms settling on the water and in your pool finishes, they become useless. This explains why your swimming pools need to be constantly treated with the chemical.

How many kinds of chlorine are used to treat the pool?

There are different forms of chlorine that is used to treat your pool. They may come in the form of liquid, gas, tabs or granular. Trichlor, which in tabs, is very popular as it has stabilizers included in its formula.

How it is applied?

Normally, what people use is a granular form of chlorine. It scattered evenly on the pool after it is diluted in water.

When is it applied?

Since it can easily degrade under the heat of the sun, it is advisable to put them at night or in afternoons when the sun is low. When there is sudden proliferation of algae or if the pool looks dirty, it is normally treated through shocking. This is also advisable when the pool is constantly used.

When can you use the pool?

Any chemical added on the pool has a certain upper and lower limits. For active chlorine, it should be around 1.5 to three parts per million. When the level of this substance has already reached this level, it is already safe to swim on it.

Everything about your pool: the water, the pool finishes and other underlying structures will be properly maintained with the presence of chlorine. It has also an important role in maintaining the normal ph of your water. Without it, your water can turn cloudy. Without it, your water can turn green from algae. If you plan to have pool, know how to use the chlorine and other pertinent information with regards to pool care. Also, bear in mind that there are alternatives but not all of them have eliminated the use of this chemical. It just proves how important this substance is.

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