Fabric Solutions Range of Pool Rollers Are Quick and Easy  

by Pool Builders on 06-26-2014 in Articles

A pool roller simplifies the way to enjoy your pool cover. Fabric Solutions range of pool rollers are quick and easy to use and makes the process of removing and replacing the cover from the pool a simple one person operation. You can also prolong the life of your poolpool blanket by using a pool roller to store your pool cover.

Fabric Solutions rollers are made from a stainless steel frame and then powder coated for added protection in coastal regions. Our range of rollers includes a wheel, handle and brake to ensure your blanket is easy to wind on and off. The heavy duty castor wheels allow for full mobility and they are easye to store away from the pool if necessary. Each roller comes with a fully adjustable strap system to fix to the blanket and a UV resistant over cover to protect your blanket from the sun's rays whilst it is stored on the roller.

The low profile frame system is ideal for applications where the height is restricted i.e where the roller is placed in an enclosed area/box.Our rollers are compact, portable and are a great investment and addition to your pool.

With so many varieties of materials available to use in pond liners, it can become a daunting task to choose the right material to suit your particular application. A quality LLDPE material, or Lineal low Density Polyethylene, however ticks all the boxes associated with choosing the correct pond liner material.

A top quality LLDPE material, such as Enviroliner, is commonly available in three different thicknesses to suit nearly all pond liner applications, the three being the 0.5mm thick material, the 0.75mm thick material and the 1.0mm thick material. All three materials are best suited for different makes of ponds, though all three are suitable in any domestic pond as they have high UV stability and are Potable grade, meaning that fish and other aquatic life can be safely housed in the pond with a quality LLDPE pond liner installed.

The use of pond liners offer a cost-effective solution to lining ornamental lakes, evaporation ponds, stylish aquaculture environs, and domestic water features that are both durable and flexible. Pond Liners are UV resistant and composed of non-toxic materials, making them the ideal safe environment for a whole array of marine life.

1.0mm quality LLDPE is the most robust of the three material thicknesses, and as such is mainly used in larger pond applications where the elements can be harsh. The 1.0mm LLDPE material is more commonly used in dam liner applications, though it also has its place in large pond liner applications as well. The 1.0mm LLDPE material is the stiffest material of the three, however it makes up for this by being the strongest and most durable thickness of the three, and as such it also has the greatest life expectancy.

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