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by Pool Builders on 12-17-2011 in Articles

Founded in 2011, Suhas Enterprises has over 9 years of experience in the Facilities Management line of work. It has a strong presence across the city with more than 1,500 employees. Suhas Enterprises employs some of the finest professionals in the industry, who provide a distinctly differentiated solution centric approach for complex FM.

Our portfolio of services includes facility management services, housekeeping, building maintenance, swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool construction, pest control, plumbing, civil works, carpentering, gardening.

Housekeeping: Poor housekeeping can frequently contribute to accidents by hiding hazards that cause injuries. We extend the opportunity to provide services which includes cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, corporate cleaning services, industrial cleaning services, indoor cleaning services, outdoor cleaning services, glass panes cleaning house keeping services etc. Also offering sanitary ware cleaning, vacuum cleaning services, mopping services etc.

Building maintenance: Our services includes thorough maintenance of elevators & escalators, transformers, fire fighting system & equipments, security equipments, sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant and other equipment.

Swimming pool maintenance: We possess a great variety of tools to provide a deep sense of comfort with the pool being spick and span.

Swimming pool construction: We produce several different luxurious and distinguishing swimming pool structures and designs to fulfill the zeal yearned by our customers. Our designs are cost effective and worth to your contentment.

Pest control: Pest control has become the primary control to keep the surrounding clean and hygienic because they make the ambience obnoxious and intolerable for stay. We offer varied services on pest control such as rodent control, bug control, cockroach control, termite control, mosquito control.

Plumbing: We acquire a team of professionals who possess an in depth knowledge of the work to avoid creation of flooding and contaminating fresh water supplies downstream of the buildings.

Civil works: We have pioneered professionals who undertake repairs, modification and extension of buildings ensuring supervision mechanisms to achieve quality construction and timely completion.

Carpentering: We offer wide range of services involving fine quality tools which are designed using the advanced technology to provide smooth shapes and edges of wood with perfect finish and a long lasting hassle performance.

Gardening: Gardens provides a feeling of joy and harmony to mankind and we work strenuously to bring the rejoice to our customers.

A Suhas enterprises has vast experience in facility management services, housekeeping services, building maintenance services, swimming pool construction and maintenance services, pest control services.

The training program given to our employees is frequently varying, so that boredom is avoided because we believe that exercise should be fun and variety is the spice of life. We deliver reliable and consistent level of services, to create a suitable work environment which adds value for the core functions of the client.

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