Factors Before Installing a Solar Heater for your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 10-24-2011 in Articles

Being able to use your swimming pool not only during winter months, where the water temperature is comfortable, is a nice thought. An unheated pool's water would normally remain at the average outdoor temperature. It would be rather expensive to use fossil fuels as a way to heat huge amounts of water. One solution that has been used by a growing number of people is solar heating since its cost is quite low when compared with other heating systems.

How does Solar Heating Work?

The sun's rays are caught and utilized through solar heating by means of solar panels and absorber plates. Unlike solar PV panels, solar panels for heating usually are not used to transform sunshine into renewable electricity. Pool solar heaters typically have the following parts:

  • Thermal collector - this is where the pool water that is to be heated will be circulated.

  • Circulation pump - a device that circulates the water through the filters, thermal collector and into the pool.

  • Flow control valve - this valve averts the water from the pool to the solar collector.

Are There Things I Must Look At Before Selecting a Solar Heating System?

The primary investment put into the building of a swimming pool will not be the only sum total. A huge part of being sure your pool will last for a long period of time is adequate maintenance. The following are the things you must have to consider when getting your pool solar heating system installed.

  • Assess the solar resource of your swimming pool site - your solar system is going to be optimized when it is located where most of the sun's energy will likely be captured.

  • Determine the solar heating system size you need - factors in deciding system size include: pool size, length of swimming season, average regional temperatures, desired pool temperature, among others.

  • Determine the efficiency of your solar pool heating system - highly effective solar collectors would merely have a few square feet of collector spot.

  • Determine system costs - it would help you save money if you review costs between models.

  • Study local codes, covenants and regulations - before setting up your solar heating system, examine further local building codes, subdivision and zoning ordinances.

  • Screen potential contractors - this way, you would be able to determine the type of system set-up you really want.

A certified contractor would be essential in helping you consider the factors in installing a solar heater stated above. Nowadays, using the sun's energy through solar panels has grown to be increasingly popular because of its many benefits environmentally and economically. Get hold of a free estimate on a solar panel [http://www.i-solar.co.uk] and solar heating [http://www.i-solar.co.uk/solar-heating.php] systems through the solar supplier sourcing website.

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