Factors Inducing the Growth of Algae in Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-01-2013 in Articles

Do you love swimming? You might even have a swimming pool in your backyard, right? If you love having a great time with your kids, then swimming would be a great choice. Every child loves to play in the water and every adult like swimming as it can be even good for physical fitness. Having swimming pool in your residential surrounding can be considered as one of the best luxuries one could afford in their life. It would be a great decision favoured by kids as they would go crazy behind splashing water in the sparkling pool with their friends and siblings. However, it would be also essential to keep the pool water clean and clear from algae attack. Algae in pool are common troubling problem faced by many pool owners. This greenish slime would make the water look cloudy and ugly, thereby taking away the fun of your favourite outdoor entertainment. If you are thinking about the methods to eliminate pool algae and retain clear pool water, then read on the article.

There are several methods used to eliminate pool algae, however you should know why they appear on your pool sides. For better results and clear pool water, it would be effective to treat the root cause so that you can prevent its growth. Divided into three types, green, black and yellow are three types of pool algae that build up on the sides. It occurs because of disproportionate chlorine, pH, alkalinity and calcium levels. Chlorine level of pool water should be in a safe range of 1 to 3 ppm, pH level 7.2 to 7.6, alkalinity 80 to 120 ppm and calcium hardness from 200 to 350. Whenever there is a deviation from these standard levels, it would induce the growth of algae in pool. Additionally if there are any shady areas, means stagnant water, it would also lead to this disgusting greenish problem.Typically green algae grow in sides, black in small slits and yellow in floor which looks like dirt. If you need to eliminate pool algae, then you have to bring back the chlorine and pH levels for clear pool.

Brush the sides of the pool as you start the process of removing algae in pool. It should be done hardly enough to break up that organic matter. Soon after brushing, it is time to run a chlorine shock treatment to eliminate pool algae. The shock should be given in a heavy manner with highly concentrated chlorine so that the chlorine level gets elevated. Higher chlorine level in water means, organic things can't survive further. So it would break the algae through chemical power and thereby making pool clear from green patches. Don't think that your work is completed after the chlorine shock treatment. You have to apply algaecide so it would prevent the growth of algae in pool for a specific time period. Sanitizing products like algaestats can hold back the growth of organic things. Get rid of the green icky stuff and let your pool look crystal clear.

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