Factors to Be Considered While Constructing an Indoor Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 10-24-2011 in Articles

Indoor pools are a big investment. However, they are worth every penny as they offer a number of benefits. Swimming is a great exercise. Having a pool also allows you to throw fun pool parties. Pool is a great place to spend memorable moments with your friends and family members. If you are thinking of building an indoor pool, here are some of the factors that you need to consider.


The first and the most important factor that you need to consider once you decide to construct an indoor pool is the cost. Before building a pool inside your home, get price lists from various recognized companies. You must get price quotes from a minimum of three different companies. While choosing the company, make sure they have the minimum years of experience in pool construction. Pool construction companies should also have proper license papers and insurance documents. Be sure to inquire about how long it would take to build the indoor pool and how much the maintenance charge will be. You can then select a reliable builder whose services are within your budget.

Construction factors

The various materials used in pool construction include aluminum, fiberglass, wood and PVC. However before using these materials, you need to be aware about the factors that affect the use of these materials.

Humidity: One of the main reasons for the wear and tear of enclosure that has your indoor pool is humidity. To maintain your pool and its enclosure in prime working conditions, use a rust proof material. In highly humid environment, wood is not the best choice of construction material. You should also get advice from a HVAC expert about various dehumidification techniques before selecting materials for pool construction.

Vapor Barriers: The pool construction company should also install a good vapor barrier while setting up your indoor pool. These barriers prevent moisture from getting built up in your pool area. These are made from film or plastic and allow the passage of air, but block moisture particles.

Insulation: Insulation is a very important consideration while building indoor pools. Insulating materials add to the cost of the pool, but it is a necessary expense as improper insulation can cause serious health hazards for you and your family members. If cheap insulation materials are used, harmful molds can develop on the pool sides. The mold can cause respiratory problems.

Climate Control: The pool area needs to have effective climate control options. Correct temperature conditions can reduce moisture build up. Building a great pool is not the end of the job. To keep indoor pools in their prime shape, you need to regularly maintain them. You can opt for a pool maintenance service, if you think you cannot handle the cleaning job. They will send personnel who will come and clean the tiles, water jets and chlorine generators of your indoor pool. Consider getting a cover for your pool to reduce the humidity levels. These covers can be chosen such that they blend in with the interiors of your home.

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