Fall Swimming Pool Maintenance Before Closing

by Pool Builders on 09-06-2010 in Articles

If you're the type of person that doesn't like to look out at your pool and see the dreaded swimming pool cover, this article is for you.

Keeping your pool open late into the fall often requires more work and maintenance than during the summer months. Most essential, is to ensure proper circulation is maintained right up until the moment you decide to close your pool.

Four important steps this fall:

  1. Empty skimmer baskets - Removing debris on a regular basis will prevent flow restrictions and possible equipment failure. If your backyard oasis is heavily landscaped, then you may need to check your skimmers and empty them daily.
  2. Skim and vacuum - Removing debris from the pool surface and bottom will reduce the demand of your sanitizer and circulation equipment.
  3. Check your pools chemistry - If you aren't already, get in the habit of checking your pool water once a week. Test strips are a quick and easy way to check pH, alkalinity, hardness, sanitizer, and stabilizer levels.
  4. Backwash - Every pool and its surrounding landscape is unique. You may need to backwash as often as once per week, or as little as once every 2 weeks. To keep your deep blue pool crystal clean, ensure you don't miss this step, and check your local bylaw requirements on backwashing wastewater.

Many municipalities now require pool wastewater to be chemically balanced and chlorine levels neutralized. In an effort to minimize impact on the environment, it's a good idea to practice safe backwashing even if your city hasn't implemented any laws yet.

Following these easy steps will ensure your pool will stay clean and continue to look its best right up until it's time to close your pool.

A final tip: Installing a timer on your pool pump can reduce your pools energy consumption this fall.

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