Familiarize Yourself With Inground Pool Covers Through These Tips  

by Pool Builders on 04-14-2012 in Articles

If it weren't for safety pool covers for inground pools, swimming pool owners would've given up on the merest idea of taking a dip on the wild side! Especially during winter seasons, new inground pool owners are oblivious to the importance of these covers. As a result, they stumble upon a plethora of water contaminations, algae growth, and an unwanted combination of leaves 'n debris formation inside the pool.

Granted that you're a proud owner of a brand spankin' new swimming pool, this guide is going to help you get acquainted with inground pool covers from all possible aspects. In case you're contemplating the importance of these protective covers, which you didn't have the time or money to buy yet, take a look below:

€ Inground pool covers are important because they protect the water from getting contaminated.

€ During off season, safety pool covers are a great way of preventing accidents that may or may not occur due to people tripping over!

€ The overall customization and portability options of these covers make them a great companion for all pool owners alike.

€ These covers also reduce the effort of raking out leaves, gooey dust layers and other unwanted objects every now and then. In many cases, one-time installation of a high quality cover is enough to last for an entire season.

At the moment, the swimming pool market is brimming with three types of inground pool covers. There's Mesh Covers, which are a little lax on letting in debris and dust particles; and Vinyl, a great choice for those who want to prevent water from freezing or catching algae.

However, the third category of safety pool covers for inground pools is regarded as a hybrid invention. Through an ingenious amalgamation of vinyl and mesh, manufactures have created special covers that offer a multitude of benefits associated with both of the above types.

Such covers come with a high degree of cost effectiveness, and a polyethylene finish with a black bottom surface. This black layer does a great job reducing the algae growth, while maintaining the pool temperature at a constant 50°F.

In a nutshell, if you're looking for high quality inground pool covers; don't forget to keep an eye out for attributes such as heat sealed seams and a weather resistant top coating. A lot of times, shoppers end up spending huge amounts of cash for pool covers that look and feel like a used rug from a flea market - don't repeat the same mistake as you'd probably hate to head all the way back to the vendor's for partial refunds and a sour shopping experience.

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