Family Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas  

by Pool Builders on 05-22-2010 in Articles

While Las Vegas isn't the same, kid friendly town it was in the '90's, there are still plenty of places that cater to families and offer a great vacation for kids and parents alike. Many of the most popular hotels in the city may not be appropriate for kids, so it's best for parents to decide on a hotel where their kids can have as much fun as their parents.

One of the best hotel choices for families visiting Las Vegas is Circus Circus. As its name implies, the hotel features circus themed entertainment and performers that wander the hotel to amuse the kids. Featuring three separate towers connected by a sky shuttle, kids are usually most impressed by this aspect of the hotel, and will delight in traveling from tower to tower. The hotel features the world's largest indoor theme park, Adventure Dome, bound to entertain the kids for hours. Other activities for the kids include carnival games, miniature golf, and bungee jumping. For the parents, the hotel provides a large casino and several impressive restaurants.

Designed to imitate King Arthur's home in Camelot, the Excalibur Hotel provides a fairy tale type experience for kids and parents alike. To enter the hotel, you must cross a moat, and once inside, you will find arcades, amusements, a waterfall, waterslides, large pools, and all types of themed entertainment to keep the kids happy. While the hotel provides several dining options, the best is the Tournament of Kings, a dinner show that features wizards, dragons, and jousting.

With a little different theme, the Luxor was built to resemble an Egyptian pyramid, although the actual pyramids of Egypt are smaller than the Luxor. The hotel is even guarded by an authentic Sphinx replica. The hotel features an IMAX theater and a two story arcade to keep kids entertained. Your family will also enjoy exploring King Tut's Tomb and museum, and the five on site swimming pools. The actual hotel rooms all have slanting walls, due to the shape of the hotel, and it creates an interesting atmosphere the kids will love.

The Orleans Hotel is a great place to go if you need some time away from the kids. The hotel offers a daycare that features an expansive jungle gym, movies, and arts and crafts activities to keep the kids entertained. The day care accepts children from ages 2 1/2 all the way up to 12. The entire family will enjoy the 70-lane bowling alley and the movie complex, featuring 18 theaters, swimming pool, and spa and fitness center. For the parents, the hotel offers an adjoining casino.

With a great choice of family oriented hotels to choose from, you can ensure the entire family enjoys their Las Vegas vacation.

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