Fantastic Vacation in Golden Sands  

by Pool Builders on 02-02-2011 in Articles

This year our family was vacationing in Bulgaria. The tour operator advised to rest at the hotel Melia Grand Hermitage. The hotel, of course if you do not pay attention to details, it's probably the best hotel in Golden Sands. Optimal location - close to downtown, but very quiet, there is no crowd under the windows. The hotel has two swimming pools, outdoor - by Bulgarian standards - very large, with good children's pools.Big plus - the presence of the indoor pool. Balcony is very large, the private from the neighbors, full sex. Incidentally, another minus Balconies overlooking the sea - they overlook the pool, beside which during the day, and evening hours to 11 - the animation, so if you want some quiet time- make your conclusions. With regard to food - we took only breakfast (another in Bulgaria is not acceptable ). Breakfast - monotonous (as always), but were not hungry (all kinds of eggs, vegetables, fruit, yogurt, milk, muesli, cereals, pancakes, cheeses, sausages, lots of pastries and coffee. tea, etc.). If you take all inclusive - be prepared to spend a romantic dinner in the company of another 1,5 thousand people - in the eye, in line at the buffet. It seems to us that while the cafes will be more expensive, but certainly pleasant. And now on cons. For some reason in the room (say, not only in our) very bad TV show. That's the way God bless him, but it was the FIFA World Cup, so this point is very upset (went to see the cafe on the big screen). Yes and bathrobes in the room for some reason, were absent. As mentioned above - it was pretty cool, so bathrobes were valid. I had a little quarrel at the reception (we have tried to explain that the robes for a fee, though the price is not provided), and then brought in robes number after 5 minutes (including children). And so we have room cleaned well every day changed the linens, not to mention the towels (do not forget to leave a small tip).
On the resort itself. Compared with Sunny Beach, the resort is, of course, more civilized, green, with lots of benches, children's rides, but correspondingly more expensive. Compared with the Sunny Beach - 1.5 times. (But do not worry, it is still much cheaper than, for example, in St. Petersburg). On the first evening (arrived late) fall for the "Bulgarian ruse." In the cafe in the center brought not quite what order (instead of lettuce - hot under the same name), side dishes, which we did not order, as a result did not have 50 euro pomenennyh at the airport. But did not overpay, said everything the waiter and left. (The first time confronted with such things in Bulgaria). But on day 4 have found a very nice place - restaurant "Old Oak", is behind the "Admiral" (apartments). Excellent staff (special thanks Iliani - Beautiful girl, great owner, who goes round in the shower all the customers in his car on the house), the optimal price is Russian cuisine (great soup, perverted, did not order the dumplings). A child's birthday, we are warned in advance, so he made a real feast - with a cake with candles, a live orchestra - very touching. So lunch and dinner, we are always there (at the adjacent tables were the same visitors, apparently does not like us one).
Sea. The beach is narrower than in Sunny Beach, the entrance to the sea over the steep, and the sand is not as fine, with plenty of shells, the sharp edges that can be pricked. So if you eat a small child - of course, the sea in "Riviera" for it would be better.
We went on a remarkable excursion (not ordered the guide at the hotel and the hotel Shipka - is the Bulgarian-urainskaya pair, which offers guided tours by minibus (air conditioned)). For the ridiculous price visited the "Beat the stones", "Aladja Monastery and the Bulgarian village with lunch and a swim in spring water. Very recommend.
In general, the rest are very happy! Good luck!

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