Features and Advantages of Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 04-14-2010 in Articles

Baracuda is one of the leading brands of pool cleaners. It offers both manual and automatic versions. They do no have any kind of hammering noise and work for a longer period of time. Being an inground automated cleaner, the Baracuda G3 is quite trouble-free to use. It can conveniently clean the entire pool and thus helps you to get fid of these annoying leaves, dirt, debris and pebbles. It can even steer around the steps, ladders and the corner areas. In fact, this unit comes with an anti-stick design. Moreover, there is no need of any special tool or plumbing to install this device.

The following are some of the advantages of Baracuda G3 pool cleaners:

* With its high quality suction pump, this device can easily remove twigs, debris, leaves, sand and pebbles from any pool.

* It can also cover the total length of the pool without much hassle due to its anti-stick design.

* The Flowkeeper' Valve along with the Insta-Skim feature can actually regulate the flow of the pool water automatically. Apart from that, it can also skim the surface of the pool with a mere flicking of a switch.

* With its patented and quick-release cassette, Baracuda G3 guarantees an easy and speedy access to Long-Life' Diaphragm, which is the only moving part of this unit.

* As said earlier, there is no flapper or hammer noises and thus ensures a quiet operation while cleaning your pool.

* It is also very simple to use as this unit comes pre-assembled. Moreover, it does not require any other tools for installation and maintenance purposes.

* Even if you have a complex designed pool, you can conveniently go for these pool cleaners, as they can easily navigate around steps, stairs and corner areas due to its in-built Wheel Deflector.

* Due to its unique Finned Disc design, the Baracuda G3 pool cleaners provide the best adhesion on any type of pool surfaces. Moreover, the Long-Life' Hose is scuff-resistant and ensures compatibility with any kind of pool surfaces. This hose has a warranty period of 2 years.

* There is an optional Leaf Catcher accessory, with the help of which you can catch and remove leaves. This is in fact a must-have if there are trees surrounding your pool.

The Baracuda G3 pool cleaners have been successfully tested in some of the most complex design pools. However, they are designed only for in-ground cleaning and must not be used as above-ground cleaners.

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