Fence Your Pool for the Safety of Your Kids  

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2013 in Articles

When you put aside cleaning and maintenance issues, having a pool at home is quite a treat in so many ways. Kids love it. They don't have to go far to play with water and splash around. All they need to do is slip into their bathing suits, reach for their inflated floaters and toys, and swim to their hearts content. Adults love it, too. Come summertime when the heat is overwhelming, the pool will be everyone's favorite place at home.

Summer will definitely lead to lots of carefree pool time activity. For tots, it's going to be €fun and awesome.€ However, grownups should take extra care not to let their youngsters swim unsupervised. The pool, while it's figuratively and literally a cool place to hang out in during summer, also becomes an accident-prone area. Kids can slip and break a bone or fall into the deeper end without anyone noticing.

Just last June 2013, news of a child drowning in their own residential swimming pool shook the community of Valdosta, Georgia. At around six o'clock in the evening firefighters and emergency medical responders rushed to aid the two-year old who was, unfortunately, unresponsive to resuscitation efforts.

If this story isn't enough to open your eyes how home pools can be quite dangerous, here's another one:

In Lawrence, Indianapolis, a six-year old girl was found dead, entangled under the heavy covers of their recently purchased family pool. Her mother was inside their home while her brother was looking forward to join her. What supposedly was a sibling bonding moment turned into tragic loss? Her father who was at work when he learned the news couldn't believe what happened. He expressed that his daughter was a very good swimmer and if only he could have stayed home to guard her all day, he would.

Having a pool at home comes with an enormous responsibility. Parents should not expect their kids, especially the younger ones, to know when and when not to approach the pool. It's their duty to guard their kids and make sure they are safe.

But let's admit it: Parents, even if they are at home twenty-fours a day, aren't able to keep an eye on their kids every second. To make sure that young children don't play around the pool or jump into the water without consent, fence the area. Get in touch with local fence builders for your entire pool fence Scottsdale and pool fence Tempe needs.

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