Fencing Your Pool in Perth  

by Pool Builders on 07-23-2013 in Articles

If you are looking for a spectacular way to put the finishing touches on your pool in Perth, you can not do better than installing a glass pool fence. Glass pool fencing brings the perfect combination of sophistication and security, providing all the protection you need for your family while simultaneously transforming your outdoor space into a classy and luxurious haven, a place you can retreat to time and time again for peace and quiet in your own piece of paradise.

Throughout Perth and its suburbs, if you have a swimming pool, you need to have the pool fenced in. Pool fencing in Mandurah is now mandatory to prevent accidental drowning âEUR" particularly among children. So since you must put a fence around your pool by law, glass is the ideal solution.

Clean, Clear and Elegant
Glass pool fencing is becoming more and more popular for homeowners in Perth, Rockingham and Mandurah. There are a number of good reasons for this, including:
1) Glass looks stunning, giving your yard and property a resort-like feel
2) Glass lets in light but keeps out wind and pests
3) Glass provides uninterrupted views, letting you enjoy the scenery while keeping an eye on the rest of the family

Strong, Stable and Maintenance Free
The beauty of glass is not just in the way it looks: with glass pool fencing there is practically no maintenance. Just a simple wipe now and then is all that is required. And while the transparent nature of glass gives the impression there is nothing there, the toughened glass is strong enough to withstand the usual bumps and scrapes the everyday family throws at it. There is no danger of it falling over and collapsing on you, either, because every single panel is firmly secured to the ground using heavy duty anchoring blocks.

Frameless and Semi-Frameless Options
Glass pool fencing is available in two basic varieties, both compliant to Australian safety standards:
1) Frameless glass panels âEUR" these are made from 12mm thick glass, with each panel anchored to the ground and no joins between panels, giving the ultimate in uninterrupted 360 degree vision.
2) Semi-frameless panels âEUR" these are constructed from 10mm thick glass, with powder coated balustrade posts connecting panels together, providing a near seamless panoramic view and giving some homeowners a greater sense of security.
3) Gates and accessories âEUR" whichever option you choose there is a selection of stylish hardware to complement it, made from marine grade 316 stainless steel to guarantee quality and durability.

Thick, toughened glass is strong and durable. With the proper care and installation it will provide years of satisfaction. It guarantees high visibility, opening up the whole area for a feeling of incredible spaciousness. Its seamless barrier makes it easy to keep an eye on the kids while relaxing in the pool, keeping everyone inside and outside the pool area safe from the hazards of potential accidents.

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