Fiber Optic Pool Lighting and Color LED Pool Lights - How to Improve Your Backyard Nightlife

by Pool Builders on 11-09-2010 in Articles

Oftentimes, homeowners spend money, time, and effort transforming their back yards into luxury outdoor living spaces only to leave them dark and desolate when the sun goes down. Back yards have always been the ideal place to entertain friends and family on a beautiful day, but nighttime gatherings rarely stay outdoors. With the implementation of fiber optic and LED lighting for swimming pools and landscapes, this tradition has become quickly outdated.

Fiber optic pool lights, as well as color LED pool lighting, represent the new wave in swimming pool style. For too long, homeowners let their swimming pools go to waste for 12 hours out of the day. Now, pools and landscapes can transform into bright, lively hot-spots for backyard nightlife. Color LED mood lighting in a pool can produce a soft purple glow for a couple's night out in the back yard. Fiber optic in-floor pool lights can sprinkle lights elegantly across a swimming pool surface as the perfect backdrop for a formal outdoor gathering, such as a wedding reception. Colored fiber optic spot lights around a swimming pool can create a dynamic, stage-like attraction, the perfect setting for large-scale backyard entertainment.

Including all of these pool lighting options allows your back yard to fit any sort of evening entertainment. Certain colors represent lively entertainment, while others represent calm, nighttime relaxation. LED and fiber optic pool lights include a number of different color-changing options for each light. These versatile, visual displays work wonders for backyard nightlife.

On a practical level, fiber optic lights are extremely advantageous for pools because they are waterproof and do not emit heat. Typical swimming pool lighting can be problematic because underground electrical wiring cannot be closer than ten feet to a pool. Fiber optic swimming pool lights, on the other hand, can be inserted directly into the floor of a pool or base of a waterfall; therefore, these lights have the freedom to safely highlight any aspect of a pool or landscape without restriction. This practical revelation, in turn, worked wonders for the aesthetics of backyard night lighting.

As you can see, swimming pool and landscape night lighting can now do much more than simply illuminate back yards with a single pool light or help you navigate a patio with scattered walkway lights. Fiber optic and LED lights provide exhilarating visual experiences that plain sunlight cannot accomplish. Whether the back yard features hundreds of fiber optic lights that appear to reflect a starry night sky or Laminar deck jets streaming colorful arches into a pool, this technology allows any outdoor living space to show off in exciting new ways after dark.

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