Fiber Optic Pool Lights - Swimming Pool and Landscape Night Lighting  

by Pool Builders on 02-14-2011 in Articles

Far too often, homeowners spend time and money in order to transform their landscapes and swimming pools into luxury outdoor living spaces only to watch them go to waste after sundown. Back yards have always been the the perfect setting to spend time with friends and family on a gorgeous day, but nighttime gatherings rarely stay in the back yard. With the utilization of fiber optic and LED lighting for landscapes and swimming pools, this tradition has seen its final days.

Fiber optic pool lights, as well as color LED pool lighting, finally bring pools and landscapes to life at night. For too long, homeowners let their pools become insignificant once the sun went down. Now, swimming pools and landscapes can transform into bright, lively hot-spots for evening enjoyment. Color LED mood lighting in a pool can create a delicate purple glow for a quiet evening in the back yard. Fiber optic in-floor pool lights can sprinkle lights gracefully across a pool surface as a stunning backdrop for a formal evening get-together, such as a wedding reception. Colored spot lights around a swimming pool can create an awe-inspiring scene, the perfect setting for over-the-top backyard entertainment.

Including all of these swimming pool lighting options allows your back yard to fit all sorts of backyard nightlife options. Certain colors enhance lively entertainment, while others offer quiet, evening relaxation. LED and fiber optic pool lights include a few different color-changing choices for each light source. These interesting visual displays do great things for landscape and swimming pool nightlife.

Practically, fiber optic lights are extremely advantageous for pools because they are waterproof and do not emit heat. Typical pool lights can be troublesome because their wiring underground cannot be closer than ten feet to a pool. Fiber optic pool lights, though, can be placed directly into the floor of a pool or waterfall itself; therefore, these new lights have the freedom to accent any aspect of a pool or landscape without restriction. This practical development has worked wonders for the aesthetics of landscape and swimming pool night lighting.

Overall, swimming pool and landscape night lighting can do a lot more than faintly light back yards with a weak pool light or help you walk down a patio with scattered walkway lights. Fiber optic and LED lights provide exhilarating visual experiences that plain sunlight cannot accomplish. Whether the back yard features countless fiber optic lights appearing to reflect a night sky filled with stars or deck jets spewing colorful streams into a pool, this technology allows any outdoor living space to light up in exhilarating fashion after sundown.

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