Fiberglass Swimming Pool  

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Fiberglass pools are manufactured and installed as a large molded structure that has become placed within the ground. The fiberglass is made of tiny fibers of glass which can be strengthened which has a polymer. These have a variety of shapes and designs to fit your lifestyle, and different textures and colors to choose from to match your own style. Because it arrives in a single pre-formed and pre-finished piece, the installation is faster than other types of in-ground swimming pools such as concrete or gunite pools. Besides the fast installation, probably the biggest benefits of fiberglass pools is their surface and that is smooth that makes it difficult for those algae to cling to, and meaning it will be easier to maintain.


Easy to Clean
Fiberglass is resilient towards bacteria, mold and algae. Even when algae growth does happen, it can be easily removed by just brushing. Being smooth in texture and non-porous, this pool doesn't hold dirt like concrete pools do. Simple cleansers are enough to remove any stains and in addition, the filters and pumps don't have to figure very hard to keep the pool clean, thereby reducing electric bills.

Installation and Cost
Installation of fiberglass pools is quicker than gunite pools that ranges from a few weeks to few months. Since fiberglass pool is manufactured on the factory itself and also comes in one piece, just by putting it in the hole, the installation is much faster. Also, this kind of in-ground pool can be installed in winter and that is impossible for gunite pools.

Fiberglass pools can withstand drastic changes in temperatures, unlike other pool types. Small cracks within the surface of a fiberglass will not affect the entire structure of the pool. Areas with winter season aint suitable for the gunite or concrete pool, however, the fiberglass is suited for regions with extreme temperatures.

Rough concrete pools must be tiled, or else it could possibly scrape the skin, red tipped fingers and bleeding toes. Swimsuits and swimming trunks may experience damage as a consequence of contact with the rough surface. Unlike concrete pools, the fiberglass carries a non-porous smooth surface which eliminates the scraping issue and ensures safe swimming.

Less Chemical Usage
Fiberglass pools require less chemicals matched against other various in-ground swimming pools. Other pools releases unwanted chemicals which affect the pH degree of the water and requires chemicals to correct it. Since fiberglass does not affect the water that much, it only needs fewer amounts of chemicals to correct it and lesser requirement of water circulation that is certainly also another cost for electric bill.

Easier Maintenance
Since a fiberglass pool doesn't have any liners like vinyl-lined pools, the need for resurfacing, repainting and replastering is just not necessary. Also this pool doesn't crack easily and will not require frequent professional services. Daily maintenance of the pool can also be easier.


Problems in Location
Since fiberglass pools are preformed and are transported to the house on a sizable truck, the property obviously is big that it will probably allow the large fiberglass pool in. Sometimes if the property is small, it may be difficult to transfer the fiberglass pool in and may even cause some damage to the home which is another expense that you can make.

Draining Difficulties
The water in this type of in-ground swimming pool should always remain always because it will cause a structural damage such as cracking or buckling into the fiberglass if not met. Improper drainage leads to formation of ground pressure, which causes the fiberglass to crack. For this reason, you have to an expert to drain the water. Always don't forget - a minimum degree of water is being maintained always to balance the pressure inside and out of doors of the pool. Also, emptying the pool in winter season cannot be carried out.

Sand Issues
Since pool is installed over a bed of sand, it tends how the sand will move upwards as time passes by. When shifting of sand takes place, the pool needs to be set again.

Limited Options
Fiberglass pools are prefabricated with different shapes, colors and sizes, and cannot be customized as per requirement. Simply put , this indicates you only have limited options to pick out for your fiberglass pool.

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