Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installation Method  

by Pool Builders on 02-17-2014 in Articles

Fiberglass swimming pool installation is not an easy job. It requires time and effort both. While it is advisable that you contact professional harvest fibreglass pools manufacturers if you are interested in DIY, you can install such a pool on your own. Before starting your project, keep in mind that a licensed professional is well-versed with all the finer points of installing swimming pools, which means he can save your premises from severe damage should anything go wrong.

Keep in mind that fiberglass is always a better choice for a swimming pool compared to vinyl or gunite. That's because fiberglass is more durable, cost-effective and flexible. Whereas installing gunite pools requires you to follow a lot of steps, fiberglass pools do not need for you to follow so many steps.

Be prepared to face some tough problems while you are on the job of pool installation. You need to plan carefully, taking into account rainwater draining process. You should choose an area in your backyard that's a little higher than other areas. Contact your local municipality to have your plot surveyed. This will involve paperwork and a physical inspection of your land. This step is necessary for obtaining permit for pool construction. You also need to contact your local utility departments and locate all the utility lines in your property.

After you obtain the permit, you can start the construction. The pool manufacturers will help you with a diagram of the pool so that you can follow the proper method for digging the pool. You have to outline the area for digging and decide on the kind of pool decking you will use. When you dig, keep the dimensions of the pool as close to those of the diagram. Keep 6" around all the edges for plumbing works. If you reside in a warm place, you need a dry well line to suction out the water from the pool during pool construction.

When the digging is complete, you have to pour sand. The sand should be poured evenly and be compact. You need another person's help to plumb the main drain into the pool. Doing that is impossible once the pool is set in the hole. Now, determine where the drain piping will be placed so as to be able to make a ditch for it. When that is complete, it's time to set the pool in the hole.

You can set the pool with the help of an excavator or hire a professional crane operator to do the job. Check the corners of the pool for level. Fill your swimming pool with water so that the pool is held in place properly while you start to back-fill the 6" gaps using sand and then water. Place the sand firmly on the surface of the pool with the help of a broomstick.

Doing fiberglass swimming pool installation completely on your own is pretty challenging. You have to take care of so many things and since you are doing it alone, it will take more time. If you are not sure you can do this, hire harvest fibreglass pools manufacturers.

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