Filter Systems on Wave Pools, Water Theme Parks and Commercial Swimming Pools in the Philippines  

by Pool Builders on 04-07-2012 in Articles

This is my first article. I just created a new web page offering Wave Pool consultation, design and construction in the Philippines. I will put the link address at the bottom of the story.

It was mentioned to me that I should write a something about it here. I promise if I write any future articles, they will be more informative. So here we go...

The Philippines is a Beautiful place to visit. But if you are a commercial swimming pool contractor with over 40 years hands-on experience from the US, it doesn't take long to look under the hood and realize that you are living in the most backward 3rd world country in all of Asia.

For all intensive purposes, swimming pools is a foreigner thing. Most Filipinos get into the business not because of any love for the profession but to make money off the returning Filipino and the ExPat who chooses to make the Philippines their home.

Now to the "Down and Dirty" here in the Philippines. In reference to pool knowledge, there is none. Filipinos "borrow" (or steal) any knowledge they can acquire in reference to pool construction. I could write a book on all the times another Philippine pool builder would request a sales presentation from us pretending to be a potential customer. And several have sent their "Goons" for the sales presentations which took place in remote areas. To say the least, a person really needs to be a little extra careful when doing business in the Philippines.

So you are probability asking, "Where is the info on Commercial Swimming Pool Filtration Systems in the Philippines"? To make the answer "Short and Sweet", there is none. they build pools from the knowledge they acquired from other types of construction. Like office buildings, homes, roads, etc. the filtration systems they put on a commercial pool is nothing more than residential filters they string together in series. Most of these people in the pool business don't even know how to size a pump to a filter. Much less how to size it to a commercial pool.

And if you want to talk about a true Wave Pool, I am sure there has to be one somewhere in the Philippines. I just haven't had the opportunity to inspect one yet. If you go on the internet, you can find this company splashing a large ball in and out of the pool hooked on the end of a bungee cord. And they call that a wave pool... Go figure.

If you would like to check out this new webpage, the address is

Now you know why I Love the Philippines...

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