Finally Here Is A Camera You Can Also Work With In Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 07-23-2011 in Articles

Family vacations frequently take place at the beach, or perhaps a lake, or even a water-park, or even backpacking in the wilderness, where you may not want to carry a delicate camera. Even if you do bring a camera with you that isn't water proof, you may still end up missing a lot of great shots since you don't want to get that camera to close to the water. This is one particular reason we chose to take a look at the Canon PowerShot D10 water proof digital camera. The point that the actual camera is water proof is great, but also since this camera is produced by Canon, you know your purchasing a top quality piece of equipment. It really is equivalent to the new SD780 IS, that costs less, but, this one is waterproof, does not have a viewfinder, and is also a lot more bulky.

And this digital camera is not just good in the rain but you can actually take this camera down in to 33 feet of water and not have a problem with it leaking. If cuteness is essential, than you are going to like the looks of this waterproof digital camera. For anyone that have troubles with picture taking you are going to love the SMART Auto mode. Another thing you will love is the integrated stabilizer, this helps to make sure you don't take any more fuzzy pictures. Some individuals think that auto shots are generally nicer than they were with their older Canon camera.

It includes a LCD screen to use as a viewfinder and also to look at what you have captured. An amazing thing relating to this camera tends to be that it is going to worn you if it believes someone had their eyes shut in the shot. The contrast correction enables you to correct darker areas even while taking the photograph, and also afterwards. Among the best features will be that you can actually take pictures underwater. Even though you can set the adjustments of the camera yourself, many individuals like the auto mode function. And also the broad range of options include settings such as panorama, underwater as well as portrait.

Something which I find really nice about this camera is that you can set it so it only keeps one color inside the picture. Needless to say as with just about anything there are a couple of drawbacks concerning this camera, there have been a handful of complaints that it's a little bulky. Having the ability to take photos under water and a camera which will take being dropped if needed, is definitely the main reason this camera has to be bulky. Even though the camera comes complete with a scratch proof glass shield, some people don't like the point that it does not possess a lens cap. You might not require the handbook to figure out the back panel, the particular buttons are designed for water proof, and the zoom element is on the back of the digital camera.

One thing which parents really like tends to be that they can let the kids make use of the camera within the swimming pool area and do not have to worry about it getting wet. You'll be able to take pictures while floating down the river. There have already been reports regarding leaking cameras, but they were few in number, but many people were very happy with the support that they received from Canon.

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