Find Out Guide To Benefits And Tips Of Printed Concrete For Your Patio  

by Pool Builders on 03-06-2013 in Articles

If you are looking for a unique floor finish with personality, you should check out printed concrete floors. This style of finishing is sometimes called cement stamping. This can be applied in different portions of your home such as the back porch, driveway, and the swimming pool or backyard area. It can actually be used in any part of your residence to add more pizazz to your interior or exterior decor.

When used as a home surface, it will not appear greyish like ordinary cement pavements. A tinting product is mixed in with the cement and you can have floors in any color imaginable such as blue, black, red, yellowish or beige. The tint on the surface will not fade because it is incorporated with the entire cement compound. Washing the floor will not make it fade either.

You can have floor prints in different designs that will match the architecture of your home. You can have geometric patterns of squares, triangle or rectangles. Your floors can also have a fan or brick road style of surface. Your contractor can also apply a free flowing print. Although the appearance can look fancy, this type of surface is highly durable.

Your contractor should apply a sealant to make the lustre on the surface last long. This application can be repeated every 3 years or so to bring back a shiny finish to it. Although the material is durable, you still need to seal it to prevent water seepage and future deterioration. This is especially helpful in bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, and pool area surfaces where there is more moisture.

For slippery parts of the house like swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen, and Jacuzzi areas, a non-slip finish would be ideal. This is an option you can take and should use to keep your family and guests safe from injury due to slipping. Make sure that your contractor mixes in an additive at the sealing process to achieve this non-slippery surface.

It is going to be easy to clean and maintain this kind of floor. When the tint is added to your cement mixture, the color hardener makes the finished product extremely hard and durable. This also makes your flooring easy to maintain once it is sealed properly. You will not damage the surface by using a power washer or soapy solution to keep it sanitary.

Finding the right contractor to apply your stamped cement flooring is also important. Getting substandard contractors to do it will only result in sloppy work or floors that crack. Make sure that you locate and hire a company that is highly experienced in this kind of work. It is important that your provider uses top of the line materials for floors that are durable and beautiful.

Printed concrete can beautify your house and provide you with a low maintenance and long-lasting surface. Cemented floors are not easily damaged and can last a lifetime without requiring repairs. All you need is occasional resealing to bring back the lustre to your floors. You do not need to clean or maintain it like carpets and wooden planks.

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