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by Pool Builders on 05-21-2013 in Articles

Many people with pools benefit from arranging for regular pool maintenance from professionals. If you are considering this option, you should know what kind of services you can expect to receive. Of course, every company is different and may offer varying services, but you should have an idea of the basic offerings you will get.

One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is making sure the chemicals are balanced. As you likely already know, there are lots of chemicals that have to stay in the water at certain levels. If you have too little of one chemical, the water might not stay clean or it could encourage algae growth. There are also problems with having too much of a chemical, though. For example, if you have too much chlorine in the water, your skin could get irrigated when you swim. Professionals can regularly test the chemical levels and add more as needed so you do not need to deal with this complex task. It can be time-consuming and requires you to purchase several different chemicals when you try to do this on your own.

Another common service for pools is sweeping and vacuuming. If you neglect this step, the bottom and sides can easily build up dirt and grime, especially if it is dusty and windy in your city. Having this chore performed regularly is a good idea. It allows you to swim in clean water any time you are ready to use this backyard addition. In addition, most pool maintenance involves skimming the surface of the water for bugs and other debris you do not want to be swimming with.

You can also depend on professionals in this field to keep up with the needs of the equipment. For example, the skimmer baskets and pump baskets need to be emptied occasionally to get rid of the debris they pick up. In addition, if you have a heater that warms the water up, it needs to be kept in good working condition at all times. If minor adjustments and repairs are needed, the pool maintenance professionals you hire should complete these jobs. They can also let you know if more major repairs and replacements are necessary.

You can typically pay a reasonable fee every month to get pool maintenance as often as you need it. The typical frequency is weekly, but you might opt to have it done about every two weeks or possibly more often the norm. It all depends on what you can afford and how often you swim.

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