Find a Certified Swim Instructor For Your Child

by Pool Builders on 01-06-2009 in Articles

It is important to find a certified swim instructor for your child. While this seems more of a rhetorical question, there are more reasons why you as a parent, should be finding a certified child swimming instructor rather than a general swimming teacher. The problem with most parents is that they bundle their children in with mixed classes of all ages and swimming experts and this stunts their development in a sense. When I say development, I am referring to their swimming development and statistically speaking, a lot of the children who do come out of these mixed swimming classes often do not have the maximum swimming capabilities as they should have, some of them come out with no swimming capabilities at all.

Why is this? It is all down to the environment and the instructor that you choose. Placing your child in a mixed class with teenagers and in some cases adults does not give them an apt environment of interaction and attention that they need to properly learn how to swim. In a child's mind, it is about how much fun they are having and the sub conscious mind will often change the idea of learning into a fun filled activity that they would willingly want to do. One learning becomes an activity the child enjoys, then naturally everything will fall into place. Children who are around other kids older than them tend to become shy and not want to participate greatly in the activities at all.

Child psychologists always recommend that you place your child in an environment of their peers, because all the natural shyness and hesitancy will go away once they realise that everyone within the circle is equal to them. They will be able to bond better with their training matters and have a better time. Also, ensure that the class is a beginner's class, or that all the children attending the swimming lesson are on par with each other in terms of abilities in the swimming pool. A child swimming instructor is quite different from a general one because they are trained to handle children and understand the psychology behind teaching them how to swim.

Teaching adults and teenagers are quite straight forward, while a child needs to be placed in an environment of casual competition and interactivity to properly motivate them to swim. This is why you need to find a certified swim instructor for your child. A certified swim instructor that specialises in teaching children will also understand the fact that they need to give more attentiveness to children, they can better identify who is lagging behind and give them more attention.

This is the kind of special attention and sensitivity that your child needs to properly learn about swimming. There are many good swimming instructors around, and there are a fair bit who specialise in teaching children how to swim. This is because many people agree, from swimmers, child psychologists and even parents - the best time to teach them to swim is when they are young.

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