Find an Exciting Swimming Class for Weight Loss

by Pool Builders on 12-20-2011 in Articles

Are none of the fad diets on the market working to help you lose belly fat? It can certainly grow frustrating. That is why it is necessary for you to take control of your own weight loss efforts. Rather than relying on the latest pill to help you shed pounds, create your own workout routine to burn hundreds of calories, such as swimming in a pool. The exercise is ideal for your muscles tone, your heart, your lungs and the size of your belly. If it has been a little while since you've spend any quality time in the water, you should simply find the right swimming class to get your mind and body up to speed. Taking advantage of a swimming instructor's advice is highly recommended before you start splashing away to quickly slim down.

Regardless which swimming style you choose to exercise with, you can burn well over 500 calories every hour. In other words, you can shed hundreds more calories by swimming than simply by walking on a treadmill. The aerobic exercise is comparable to jogging, with the added benefit of toning all of your muscles. Your joints get exercised too, thanks to their repetitive movements in the water. Meanwhile, various parts of your body, such as your hips and shoulders, gain flexibility. Match swimming with a healthy diet, and you should get lean and mean in no time.

As any swimming class will teach you, the most basic style in the water is the sidestroke. You just lay your body sideways with one arm extended straight out. Your other arm is facing your feet. Simply rotate your arms back and forth, while you kick forward with your legs and feet.

Another ideal swimming style for quickly burning calories is the front crawl, also known as the freestyle. You alternate your arms and kick your feet again, but this time you are facing down. Every few seconds, you rotate your head out of the water to breath. To perform the backstroke, simply alternate your body 180 degrees and perform the front crawl. It may not be as easy to perform, but you'll certainly get less water in your mouth and lungs.

When you want to try the breaststroke, place both palms on your chest, like you are saying a prayer in church. Then shoot your arms straight out with your palms facing the floor. Push them down and out into a circular motion, and repeat the action. Meanwhile, raise your knees towards your chest, and kick them out with plenty of force to swim forward and burn plenty of calories. With each thrust, your head will pop out over the water to catch a breath. As you can see, losing belly fat can be fun and easy once you find the right swimming class to show you the ropes of losing weight.

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