Find the Best Swimming Pool Heater for Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2012 in Articles

Choosing appropriate heaters for your pool seems to be overwhelming, when you are unsure what to look for. The most common are electric heaters, solar heaters and gas heaters. However, keeping in mind the pool size, budget and heating needs, help in determining the required pool heaters.

€ Electric pool heaters- These heaters are inexpensive and are also less efficient in comparison to other models. They take the surrounding air, heat up and transfer to pool water directly. This heater produces heat such that it is slightly warmer to the air temperature and is not suitable for the fall or spring months and also in cooler climates. The electric heaters are good for small pools heating moderate temperatures in long summers and warm climates.

€ Solar pool heaters- These are environmentally friendly and are the efficient means of pool water heating. They pump water using a heating device and are warm by natural light. This type of pool heater is very economical and costs less with no running costs involved. On the upfront, they may be expensive but in the long run lasts for a longer period. The only problem with solar heaters is that they are very useful on sunny days and of no use in poor weather and night times.

€ Gas Pool heaters- This heater offers fastest heating and great consistency. It is available in liquid propane and natural gas models and also in competitive prices. The gas heaters extend heat through water and the disadvantages are the cost of initial installing and running costs are higher, especially in cool climates. Gas heaters fuel prices make it expensive to operate.

Swimming pool heaters are manufactured by all the best manufacturers namely, Hayward, Pentair and many more. However, you need a pool heater so that you enjoy a constant temperature all the year. In fact, this is the reason that many homeowners cover their pools in winters so that it can be quickly heated.

Keeping in mind that it involves additional costs is also essential so that it helps in making a careful selection of the heater type you require. Swimming pool heaters are available in all forms and sizes to suit the needs of various budgets and requirements. People conscious about spending more money to heat their pools, should explore all the above options mentioned and cut a right equation that fits their bill. However, employing professionals for installation is suggested.

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