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by Pool Builders on 02-19-2008 in Articles

Finding the right contractor is an important task. Pool contractors are just as varied as contractors for other home-building projects. You want one who is reputable, efficient and reasonably priced. Putting in a pool is a huge undertaking.

Before you hire a contractor, consider the following questions. They may help you make the right decision.

Are they licensed?

Hiring a licensed pool contractor is highly recommended. If they are not licensed, don't bother. It's a sure sign that they aren't as reputable as they may represent.

Can you talk to other clients of theirs?

If you ask to speak to previous clients and they say no, be suspicious. They may not want you to speak to previous clients because they have either made mistakes or don't have any. By letting you talk to previous clients, the contractor is letting you know they have nothing to hide.

Are they listed with the better business bureau?

One sure way to make sure that the pool contractor you are considering is a good one is by checking with the better business bureau. Do they have any complaints listed against them? Or are they listed as one of the better businesses in the area?

What is included in their pool packages?

Many pool contractors offer a variety of pool packages for you to choose from. It's important to ask what is included in these packages to avoid any hidden costs.

Do they have a website?

Pool contractors that do a lot of business will most likely have a website to advertise their services. Not having a website doesn't mean that they aren't on the up and up, but it does help when you can go the website and look around. By visiting a website, you can get a better sense of the company and the products they offer.

What type of materials do they use?

If you do any research ahead of time, you will know what kinds of materials most pool contractors use. It's important to do your homework and be aware of these kinds of things. You wouldn't by a car without knowing what type of engine was under the hood, right?

Remember that the thing that matters the most is that they have a solid reputation, a variety of top-quality products to choose from and a responsible work ethic. When you shop around for one, always compare the products they offer and the reputation in the industry against other pool contractors. Then you will have the right amount of information at hand to decide if you want to go with one over the other, and how much more you want to pay. You may find that paying a particular company for its past track record in addition to the products they offer isn't such a bad idea. The end result is a beautiful swimming pool and a lot less headaches.

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