Finding A Certified Swimming Instructor For Your Child  

by Pool Builders on 12-19-2013 in Articles

It is essential to find a certified swimming instructor for your child. As a parent, you should be concerned with finding a certified child swimming instructor instead of just a general swimming teacher. The trouble with most parents is that they tend to bundle their child into a mixed class containing children of all ages and various capabilities, and this can stunt a child's development. If your child is in a class with various children who are more capable than them, they may feel unable to take part in lessons properly, and could end up withdrawing from swimming altogether. Similarly, if your child takes part in a class full of children less capable than them, they will end up messing around in the pool and not taking lessons seriously because they are not being challenged or learning anything new. When you enrol your child in swimming lessons, you want to make sure that they benefit from the time and energy they are investing into their classes. They should come out of their lessons with new skills and capabilities that have been honed over time.

The Importance Of Great Lessons

The environment and instructor that you choose for your child can affect the way that they take to swimming dramatically. Placing your child in a mixed class with children of all ages does not give them an appropriate environment of interaction and attention that is required for them to learn how to swim well. A child is always more likely to engage in something with more dedication if they enjoy what they are doing, and children who are placed alongside kids that are older than them, or further along in learning swimming skills may feel embarrassed and shy, causing them to refrain from participating in certain activities.

Child psychologists often recommend that children are put into learning environments with their peers, as natural shyness and hesitancy will often diminish once your child begins to understand that everyone within a group is equal to them. When a child is taking lessons with a certified instructor that have been tailored specifically to their age group and abilities, they will be able to bond more actively with their training and feel more comfortable within classes. This will help to increase their confidence in the water over time, and make swimming lessons an event that they look forward to every week. A certified child swimming instructor will be trained to handle children appropriately and understand the psychology behind teaching them how to swim.

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