Finding A Swimming Pool Dealer: Due Diligence Pays Off  

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2007 in Articles

You've thought about it long enough during the long, hot days of summer, and you've finally given into the irresistible temptation of having your own backyard vacation in the form of a swimming pool.

But now that you've made the decision to purchase a swimming pool--perhaps even put the budget or the financing in place and contacted your local building code office--how do you go about finding a swimming pool dealer that can make your long-awaited dream...a reality?

When it comes to finding a swimming pool dealer, what may at first seem like a simple task is really a test of your ability to be thorough and patient with the process. Because there's no shortage of resources to find a swimming pool dealer nowadays--traditional directories like the Yellow Pages and on-line searches for dealers in your area can produce hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of results.

But not all swimming pool dealers are created equal. Here are some simple reminders to help narrow and focus your search.

Searches: Use printed book directories and on-line searches as beginnings of the process, not the ending. Because anyone can take out a printed ad, anyone can put up a website or be linked to an on-line directory or "link farm." And anyone can make promises. Your job is to see that the swimming pool dealers in your area can keep those promises.

Experience: A swimming pool dealer should be able to document the sales and installation process for a number of pools in your area. Ask for references and check them. Plus, your swimming pool dealer should be able to discuss every aspect of the purchase and installation process--from budgeting and the styles of pools available within that budget, to the entire construction process and the types of materials used throughout the process.

Flexibility: It's YOUR swimming pool. Your swimming pool dealer should welcome the opportunity to answer your questions--in some cases, even offer options you initially never considered. How does your pool fit into your available space? Are there safety features included with purchase like fold-up stairs and pool fences? What about accessories like diving boards and slides? How much will annual swimming pool maintenance cost?

Professional Affiliation: It's also a good idea to check and see if your swimming pool dealer belongs to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, a nationwide service organization that sets stringent guidelines for qualified swimming pool dealers. (

Remember, the due diligence you invest in finding a swimming pool dealer pays off for years to come, and you'll be glad you made the extra effort to find the perfect provider for your backyard vacation.

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