Finding Free Swimming Lessons In San Jose, CA

by Pool Builders on 01-16-2011 in Articles

Are you looking for free swimming lessons for yourself or your kids in San Jose and Silicon Valley area? Most of the places that offer professional swimming classes for leisure or sports purposes usually charge a fee which can depend on the place, the level of training sort and the trainer involved. Sometimes the fees can be exorbitant depending on what the curriculum involves and where the lessons are taken. This has led people to seek for places in the San Jose area that offer lessons in swimming and diving but do not charge. Are there really such facilities in the city? The answer is yes.

Professional swimming lessons for yourself or your kids can be found in the San Jose environs although you have to search diligently. One of the ways is to look in the Internet. You might want to concentrate on areas of the city such as Milpitas, Alum Rock, Silicon Valley, Mountain View, Los Altos, Loyola, Cambrian Park, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Alamitos and even Synnyvale. There are also some locations along highways 101, 680, 87 and 85. The Internet affords you the convenience of having to search without actually getting out of your home. You can then contact these facilities ahead of time and inquire about payments. The Internet can also allow you to see the facilities without necessarily being at the actual location.

You can also find these facilities by inquiring at local non-profit organizations. One is the local YMCA. There are volunteer tutors that can offer free lessons for kids, adults and even senior citizens. Local churches can also offer extra-curriculum activities especially those geared for kids after-school programs. These are usually staffed by professional and expert swimmers who are either compensated by the organization itself or simply volunteer their expertise to the community at certain times of the week such as weekends.

If you live in a housing sub-division, you can also benefit from free lessons at the local pool. This is not usually the norm. You can speak with your local housing association in your particular community to whether there are any free swimming tutorials or classes being offered for that location. There are usually lifeguards on location that can also offer very valuable insight at to where to get free lessons or whether that particular community offers these classes.

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