Finding Great Pool Flotation Devices For Adults

by Pool Builders on 06-07-2009 in Articles

There are as many different types and styles of pool flotation devices available today as there are pools. From large island lounges for multiple people to small, single person swim rings. If you're looking for flotation devices for your next pool party, this article will be helpful.

Lounges are a type of pool flotation device that lets you get a great tan while floating in the pool. These large inflatable lounge chairs float above the water's surface, allowing you to stay dry while you lazily float around the pool. Some of the more expensive lounges come with built in shades and cup holders to protect you from the sun while you sip on your favorite beverage. There are many different sizes and styles of water lounges, but each is designed with comfort in mind.

The best types of lounge floats are fully-cushioned lounges. This kind of lounge has actual cushioned seats and backrests, just like normal lounge chairs. However, they are set on large pontoons so they can float on top of the water. Typically, these chairs also have pillowed heads so you can easily fall asleep as you drift.

If you want to lie around in the pool on a hot day but still be in the cool, refreshing water, a good choice is the water hammock. Water hammocks have two cylindrical floats that support your head and knees. The rest of the hammock, a mesh/net material, hangs down into the water, permitting your body to be completely covered in water. If you want to stretch out and relax in the cool water without drowning, these are the lounges for you.

The easiest and cheapest pool flotation devices you can buy are doughnut shaped floaties called swim rings. These multi-purpose rings are great for small pools or large pools containing multiple people.

Island floats are a great choice for large pools. These islands are large, round, inflatable lounges with cup holders and cushions along the outer rim. Most have holes in the center of the island so swimmers can come up through the middle of the island to visit friends and family. These floating islands work great for large gatherings, especially during pool parties, where snacks are a must.

Speaking of snacks, refreshment floats are a great way to offer food and beverages to your guests at a pool party. These devices are basically a serving tray that floats freely around the pool carrying snacks and drinks for your guests to enjoy while they swim and visit in the water.

With all the styles, sizes, and types of flotation devices offered nowadays, you should have no problem finding everything you need for your next swim party. Happy floating!!!

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