Finding a Firm for Swimming Pool Removal  

by Pool Builders on 08-05-2013 in Articles

The 70's are no more. Now one hardly gets time to spend with family, let alone spending it for self!! Gone are the days when a man used to come home early to his wife and enjoyed a cup of tea in the backdrop of a sunset. The luxury of having a nice dip in one's own swimming pool in the backyard weighs less now.

More number of people is now looking to demolish their swimming pool. While lack of use is the chief reason for doing so, high property costs, repair and maintenance costs, remodeling costs, high electricity bills also contribute to the failed cause of having a swimming pool. Swimming pool removal Tampa has now become a business venture for many firms. It is always advisable to have a pro remove the swimming pool. There are various rules and regulations regarding removing a swimming pool in different cities. The firms dealing with swimming pool removal Tampa take care of all the permits. They even take care of all the inspections the state department does. Removing a swimming pool is no easy task.First of all one needs to take care of the utilities. All the connections to the pool need to be terminated. The gas line or the electric line for the heater should be checked and removed. Then water needs to be pumped to the nearby sewer lines or drains. Many drainage holes are cut on the floor to prevent the ground immediately below the pool from being super-saturated. After that the ground needs to be compacted nicely to sustain any kind of loading. Layers of crushed rocks are laid over the area and are allowed to settle down after adequate compaction. The back fill and gradation is done by the firm.

Having said that, not every firm is trustworthy. One should have a thorough background check before handing it over. Generally firms for these purposes are licensed by the state. So, checking the license would be wise. One might even ask for references, anyone who can vouch for the promise shown by a firm. If the company asks to pay more than 10%-15% of the full payment in advance then is sure it's the wrong place to be in. It is always advisable to have the written original contract from the firm. Though the firms generally take care of the state permits, it's better to have a look at the rules to see if the firm is doing it the right way. Be sure to check about the cancellation penalty. Make it a point to have it mentioned in the written contract.

Finding an able firm would make the task of removing the pool a much easier one. Companies like 3 D Construction and Enterprises have proven their excellence in this field in places like Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. Get a free estimate at

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