Finding the Right Pool Builder  

by Pool Builders on 04-21-2007 in Articles

Finding the Right Pool Builder
By Carol Rada

A swimming pool can be a big investment, but you don't have to get soaked by hiring a disreputable pool builder.

To guarantee your swimming pool will be everything you want it to be, find an accredited contractor with a history of good work.

A qualified swimming pool contractor can help you decide whether a swimming pool is right for you, how much work will be involved in taking care of your pool and how much you should expect to spend for installation.

Here are some basic questions you should ask before signing a contract:

- How long has the contractor been in business? Do they have the experience to install your pool correctly?

- What is the company's reputation in your community? Has a relative, friend or neighbor used the same contractor with good results? If not, ask for references and contact information

- Each installation presents its own topographical challenges. How many pools or spas has this particular pool builder installed in your area?

A quality contractor will be proud of his work and happy to provide this information. A swimming pool builder who won't provide his references or work history probably has something to hide and should be avoided like a leaky air-mattress.

Shop around. If you're not comfortable with a particular swimming pool contractor, leave them dry and find someone else.

Make a list of what you and your family want, what you can afford and how much inconvenience you're willing to put up with during the swimming pool installation process.

Discuss with your contractor what sort of materials will be used in the construction of your swimming pool. What sort of features do you want? Would you like a slide or diving board? Will you need a safety fence? How about landscaping?

Depending on your tastes and budget, a swimming pool can be simple and relatively inexpensive or elaborate and quite costly. A quality pool builder will work with you and make suggestions without trying to pressure you into buying more than you can afford.

If you do your homework before you dive in, your pool is certain to provide you with years of fun, healthy enjoyment.

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