Finding the Right Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 03-17-2010 in Articles

When doing maintenance in your swimming pools, it is important to find the right cleaners. Since there are so many pool cleaners available in the market, owners sometimes find it overwhelming to look for the right ones that meets the cleaning requirements of their pools. Pool cleaners can be manually-operated, automatically-operated as well as robotic ones.

Manually-operated cleaners require pool owners to participate and do some work associated with the cleaning duty. These types of cleaners are easy to use and relatively cheap. With its need for human intervention, owners need to dedicate several hours of their time and exert their efforts to cleaning their pool. A good thing about manually-operated cleaners is that the owners can go over the entire area of the pool and meticulously clean it without skipping any areas.

The second type of this kind of cleaners are automatically operated. These cleaners are preferred and chosen by pool owners for their convenience. Compared to the manually-operated type, these automatic cleaners are more expensive but their efficiency far outweighs the cost. They don't require that much effort and supervision from pool owners. They only have to be set up for a few minutes and be left alone to perform their cleaning duty.

The last type of cleaners is a robotic one. The robotic pool cleaner has a programmed microchip and can work on its own or be directed by remote control to clean the pool from dirt and debris. They are the most expensive type of pool cleaners.

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