Finding the Right Pool for Your Yard  

by Pool Builders on 11-12-2014 in Articles

Many homeowners mistakenly believe their yard or lot is not laid out to accommodate a pool. With the many sizes and shapes of pools available, there's sure to be one that fits your yard. Talk to a pool contractor in Greenville, SC, or visit their website to learn more about the sizes and shapes of pools available. In the meantime, considering the pool's purpose may help you determine the type or shape of pool that would be best for your family.

Swimming Laps

For some, swimming is the perfect form of exercise. It works all the major muscle groups and the cardiovascular system, and provides resistance for sculpting muscle. A swimmer doesn't need a whole pool to swim laps; they just need one lane. Lap pools are long and skinny. They are 10 feet wide and between 40 and 50 feet long. The depth of the pool can be adjusted. Those who are tall and have long arms will want a deeper pool to avoid touching the bottom as they stroke. Those who aren't as tall can have a pool that is shallower. Lap pools can also be used for water-walking. Walking in water can relieve pressure on joints and provide resistance training.

Small Pools

A small family or older couple may be perfectly content with a small round, octagon, or kidney-shaped pool. They don't necessarily want the depth of a larger pool, nor do they want the maintenance that comes with a large pool. Having a space big enough to cool off during the hot summer months but small enough to take care of easily is the perfect size. These smaller pools can also fit easily into smaller spaces without taking over the backyard. They are good for getting exercise. Water aerobics can provide much-needed exercise without putting pressure on the joints. Women who are pregnant and those who suffer from joint disorders can benefit from water-based exercise.

Large Pools

Even though you may have a picture in your head of what you think a pool looks like, you'll be surprised to see the many different shapes available. A Roman pool has a curved end with wide stairs. The stairs are good for small children to use as they become accustomed to swimming on their own. L-shaped pools can wrap around a house or provide a beautiful design to a yard. There are a dozen other shapes that could work well for you and your family.


Another question to ask yourself is how deep you want the pool. While it's certainly possible to make the whole pool 12 feet deep, most homeowners prefer to have a gradual slope from 3 feet going down to 9 feet. Drop offs are not advisable.

Once you've discussed your needs and preferences with a pool contractor in Greenville, SC [], they will provide a sketch of your pool and can plan out a timeline for building. They will also provide a bid for the work. If you are getting a loan for the pool, the bank will need the bid in order to process the loan. They will pay the pool company directly.

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