Finding the Right fit in Swimming Pools   

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2011 in Articles

Summer is halfway over. And everyone knows what that means: seasonal equipment and supplies are on sale. This is the best time to scoop up the summer gear that you thought you couldn't afford in the spring. And it's time to stop scheduling your summer parties around whoever owns a pool, or the weather for water park availability. It is now your opportunity to control how you and your family get to enjoy the remaining days of summer. Depending on the region in which you live, you can enjoy it during the fall as well.

When you think of swimming pools, what springs to mind? Are you daydreaming about a refreshing dip with family and friends at your leisure, are you concerned about the maintenance, or are you shivering with fear because of safety concerns for your children who don't know how to swim yet. The good news is there is only good news on all three accounts. Regardless of your size of yard, or the time you have to put into maintenance, there are swimming pool options for you. There are a several different kinds of safety gates and devices to ensure your peace of mind while you keep your little ones safe all season long.

First, let us begin with the amount of backyard space you'd like to dedicate to your new aquatic oasis, and the variety of swimming pools to choose from that can fit your bill. There are at least three common yard space dilemmas. Individuals with long and narrow backyards are concerned about only being able to fit in a lap pool. Meanwhile, families with a small square yard are concerned about a pool taking over the entire space, leaving no room for grass growth, so the children or pets can play, or to perform other activities for entertaining purposes. Lastly, there are individuals and families who possess large or oddly shaped yard space and they don't know where to place their pool; for privacy, cleanliness from leaves, and even sun exposure.

Second, the type of pool you choose to install can greatly impact position in the yard, remaining yard space, as well as up keep efforts and expenses. The kidney, circular and transition (pond-like) swimming pools are very popular for a variety of backyard shapes. There are also above ground and in-ground options for all yards and owner preferences. The above ground options require less maintenance in the short term, but in ground units have a longer life when impeccably maintained, for those avid swimmers in your family. Further, it is also important to note that there are natural pool options that are maintained by beneficial plants as an alternative to chlorine treatment systems.

Regardless of whether you choose a clear-walled above ground chlorine treated option, or an in-ground, natural, pond-like kidney shaped pool; safety for your children and pets is paramount. Therefore, you can hand pick safety options for your choice of swimming pool that match your particular family needs. Fencing and alert devices are available to prevent temptation of entry by separating areas for small children with removable or stationary gate alternatives. Or you may opt for a fence and gate that blends in with your decor, to deter entry for larger children or pets, with latches and fencing materials that are constructed to prevent scaling.

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