Fins for Fun: Best Recreational Swim Fins

by Pool Builders on 01-13-2013 in Articles

Fins are great for splashing around at the local pool, lake or beach. Because they help you produce more forward propulsion with less energy used, they are ideal for exploring the underwater world below. If you're looking for a pair of fun, recreational swim fins, take a look at the short guide and list of examples below. With lightweight, comfortable, recreational fins on, there's no telling what you can do around your backyard pool.

When you're on the hunt for a good pair of recreational fins, you'll want to first look at the shape and size of the fin's blade. There are four basic types of fins. First, there are stiff rubber, short bladed fins. These types of fins are great for training and muscle development. Then, there are long blades. They produce a long, powerful kick and are a favorite amongst divers and snorkelers. You might even come across the monofin. Shaped like a dolphin or mermaid's tale, this fin straps both feet into one, wide fin.

Then, of course, there is that happy medium bladed fin that's ideal for recreational use. These not-too-big, not-too-stiff fins give swimmers a great mix of forward propulsion and maneuverability. They are great for a day at the pool and can be taken along to the lake or beach as well.

Listed below are a few examples of recreational fins. While you might notice that they all look a little different, there's something about each one of these fins that makes them perfect for recreational use.

Aqua Sphere Zip Fins Why They're Great: Create forward propulsion with minimal effort!

One look at these fins and you'll notice that they were inspired by nature. The fins' split blade mimics the design and motion of a fish's tail. The bi-winged surface gives swimmers forward propulsion with minimal effort. Because the split blade design improves water flow, it also helps eliminate ankle fatigue and keeps feet happy. They are great for swimming easy laps at the local pool or for playing fun games in your own backyard watering hole.

DMC Tech 2 Fins Why They're Great: Feature super soft and comfortable silicone!

While the DMC Tech 2 Fins' blades are definitely smaller than traditional medium-bladed recreational fins, their unique, medical grade silicone composition makes them a great choice for a day at the pool. Not only does the silicone help keep the feet comfortable by avoiding chafing, but it also stays flexible before, during, and after your swim. This helps give you an easier, stress free swim each and every time.

US Divers Sea Lion Fins Why They're Great: Produce a powerful kick!

Just like the DMC Tech 2 fins, these long bladed fins don't necessarily fit into the standard recreational fin mold. But, the US Divers Sea Lion Fins' buoyant rubber design and closed heel foot pockets make them great for splashing around the city pool. The blade's rubber design produces a big, powerful kick, yet remains supple and pliable enough for easy maneuverability. If you like to split your time between the local lap pool and open water, then these might be the perfect, all-around recreational fins for you!

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