Fitness Holidays Becoming Popular for a Physical Staycation  

by Pool Builders on 04-17-2013 in Articles

If the idea of a holiday relaxing on the beach or sightseeing is not up your street - you might fancy a retreat that focuses on keeping fit, in hotel gyms with swimming pool and other pampering facilities.

More and more people are taking breaks which require a level of fitness and include hours in the gym, several fitness classes and a significant amount of time in the swimming pool. In London and increasingly across the UK this type of break is becoming more en vogue and promises to get you sweating it out and leaving the stresses and strains of daily life far behind.

Hotels that incorporate gyms with swimming pool and sauna facilities are cashing in on people who want to get away from the daily grind and have the opportunity to work out as intensely as they wish. Exercise is interspersed with relaxing treatments at some spa facilities and it's an opportunity to meet new people from across the country with an interest in fitness, health and wellbeing.

The growing interest in these fitness retreats is particularly good news for those who struggle to find the time to fit in as much exercise as they would like in any given week. It gives an opportunity to try out any number of new fitness classes and you can do as much or as little as you like when you're there.

Some of these retreats focus on your mind, body and soul, and have quite a spiritual element, incorporating exercises such as yoga, pilates, budokon, chi ball, and tai chi. Others are more focused on harder physical exercises such as aerobics, boxercise and bodypump.
Most of the locations which offer these fitness weekends or long breaks, tend to have gyms with swimming pool, fitness suite, sauna and other facilities that you can use for the length of your stay.

Meals tend to be included in most packages, maybe breakfast and dinner, and you just have to provide your own lunch. Treatments tend to be added extras which you either pay for in advance, or when you arrive.

If you want some relaxing time to yourself away from the hustle and bustle then you can take a dip in the swimming pool. In London there are plenty of hotels that offer this kind of getaway package, and gyms across the country are getting on board offering range of different activities for people who want more from a workout. There are different levels of activity which offer something for all age groups.

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