Five Easy Steps to a Clear Spa Water and Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-22-2010 in Articles

Keeping your swimming pool and spa environment in its prime state is not easy job. It involves spending time and a good amount of money to maintain these entertainment areas as great as it was first built in your home. There are however 5 easy steps that you can follow to ensure that such part of your home is kept in its pristine condition.

1. CIRCULATION - Making sure that the water in your swimming pool and spa goes through filtration is important since this means that your water is cleaned thoroughly. To achieve this you have you make sure that there is complete water circulation. More water movement means there isn't a place for algae and bacteria to grow and multiply. The pump, which is essentially the source of all water movements feeds the filtration system and in effect will also clean the water. This is why moving water creates not only an exciting and fun swimming experience; it also promotes circulation the first step to achieving that crystal blue water effect.

2. FILTRATION - Your swimming pool filter is the main working equipment which will keep all that unwanted dirt out of your water system. As the pump moves the water around, the water will flow through the pump baskets (which captures the larger dirt/debris), and then move into the filter to eradicate algae and bacteria. Professional cleaners will remind you however that depending on your choice of filter, over time you will need to clean or change the filter media as it will lose its ability to kill the bacteria in the water.

3. CLEANING - Essentially there is no need to scrub your pool's surface daily. However, you may want to scrub the swimming pools and spa at least once a week. Scrubbing or brushing will take out any dirt that the filter might have missed and will be the best way to clean out edges, corners and other areas that has more tendencies for algae to grow. Clean out the steps, pool benches, walls and floor. This once a week process will eliminate any impurities that your pool may accumulate.

4. CHEMICAL TESTING - Frequent chemical testing will be one of the best ways to keep your pool and spa's water clear as crystal. There is a reason why water chemicals are handled differently for commercial against home use. Examining your water's pH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity and other chemicals regularly (at least two to three times a week) will let you understand trending of chemicals in your water system. Checking on the chemicals in your water system will help you understand how each product will affect chemical contents to suit your needs for your water. Making sure that you have these chemicals well balanced will also balance the water in your pool. Balancing the water in your pool will keep your equipment and internal pool surface in its prime condition.

5. MAINTAIN - There is no better way to keep crystal clear water for your swimming pool and spa and that is to never compromise maintenance. There are several ways on pool maintenance including oxidation, shock, algae prevention and chemical balance.

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