Five Essential Pool Supplies

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2010 in Articles

When planning to install a swimming pool in your backyard, prepare yourself with some information regarding this facility. Having this vital information will help you to further understand how to maintain the pool's integrity. This article introduces you to the five essential pool supplies you need for your recreational investment:

1. Pool Pumps - This item provides the flow of water that the filter needs to completely wash out all debris, leaving the pool beautiful and clean to look at. These parts come in different forms and specifications to fit in in-ground or above ground swimming pools. Pumps must be maintained in the best condition as possible because it is considered the "heart" of a swimming pool.

2. Pool Filters - Filters are responsible for collecting and removing all dirt that affects the quality of water. As the pump runs, water will be flowed through these filters then dirt will be left inside. There are three types of filters - Sand Filters, Diatomaceous Earth Filters, and Filter Cartridges. These supplies for cleaning have special roles for cleaning and polishing your water. Do not worry about these items because they are reasonably priced and provide the best benefits for your water.

3. Pool Cleaners - Whether you use a manual or automatic, utilizing a pool cleaner in your swimming pool helps to keep your pool clean and in great condition. Pool cleaners save the owners from cumbersome hand scrubbing and brushing. These products for cleaning are equipped with suction side or pressure side for extra cleaning abilities.

4. Pool Chemicals - Chemicals are used to maintain the quality and sanitation of your pool water. Lots of dirt, unwanted elements, and pathogens that may enter in your water. Pool supply stores offer a wide array of chemicals that deal on water issues. Chemicals include chlorine, cyanuric acid, pool shock, bromine, and algaecide.

5. Pool Covers - A Pool cover is used to protect your facility from a wide array of threats, such as rain, snow, debris, and UV rays. A Pool cover comes in four types and is used in different occasions. A Solar cover is commonly used when the it is not in use; using this cover will protect the water from evaporating. A Safety cover is applied to prevent your children and pets from falling inside the it. A Pool should be closed during winter season to protect its integrity, that's why its important to use a winter pool cover. To maximize the use of these covers, some owners tend to use the fourth type which is the pool leaf cover.

Keep this information so that you will know how a swimming pool works.

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