Five Great Skincare Treatments Right After Swimming  

by Pool Builders on 03-22-2012 in Articles

Great skincare remedies after swimming include rinsing off, laundering your swimwear, applying sunscreen, utilizing moisturizer, and drinking lots of water.

Swimming is not just enjoyable, but it's also a great exercise that all people can do. However, most of the water we swim in is also filled with elements that can make your skin dry or become irritated. Read this article to find out some skincare remedies after swimming.

Rinse off

* Chlorine

After you leave the swimming pool, go to the shower quickly and wash the chlorine off your skin. Chlorine is used to efficiently kill damaging microorganisms in pools. They may be utilized for your protection, but they can also lead to extreme skin dryness. Thus, to avoid your skin from drying, have a shower after a dip in the swimming pool.

* Saltwater

The beach is really a favorite swimming area for individuals. However, after swimming in a high sodium body of water, you must rinse your body totally after getting out of it. The high salt content of the sea could cause skin problems, and in order to avoid these, go straight to the beach shower when you leave the water.

* Germs, algae and other microorganisms

Swimming in other bodies of water, including rivers and lakes, might also cause one to acquire skin troubles because of the germs, algae, and many types of bacteria present in these bodies of water. Thus, it's highly recommended that you have a shower in your hotel or house as soon as you can in order to keep yourself shielded.

Wash your bathing suit

When you are done swimming, you must also wash your bathing suit totally with soap and also clean tap water before you use it again. This is so you can be sure of the cleanliness of your swimming clothes.

Use sunscreen

Use sun block on the skin as often as possible to guard yourself from the harmful Ultra violet rays of the sun. Choose a sunscreen with the highest SPF, or at least one with SPF 15. Sunblocks don't stay very long onto the skin when exposed to water, even if the product label says it's water resistant. Generally, after an hour or so, the sunscreen is already rinsed off the skin. Thus, you should re-apply the sunscreen as often as possible.

Utilize moisturizer

After rinsing off using water and drying your skin with a bath towel, utilize moisturizer or perhaps Argan oil products on your skin. Swimming, particularly in swimming pools that have high amounts of chlorine, could cause extreme dry skin. Using skin moisturizers can help prevent and treat this particular problem. Utilize an ample quantity of moisturizer to the body, and utilize one which is ideal to your face, too. Your skin will eventually become smooth and supple again over time after utilizing the moisturizer on the skin regularly. However, if you find that you developed skin rashes or irritation, like eczema or flaky skin patches right after swimming, then you need to consult a physician or a dermatologist.

Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water before you swimming. Since extented contact with water can lead to dehydration, counter this effect by drinking plenty of water in advance.

Always keep your skin fully protected against different, unpleasant effects of the water you're swimming in. By doing this, you will be able to maintain your skin's smooth and supple condition.

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