Five Low Cost Orlando Summer Destinations  

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2010 in Articles

Do you want to spend quality time in Orlando without spending much? Don't worry because there are a lot of beaches, swimming pools and water springs at a low cost. But don't get me wrong; these places are great and beautiful and they are conducive for any festive celebrations with family especially this summer. Without further adieu, here is the list of the top five low cost Orlando destinations;

#1. East Coast Beaches - do you want to drive on the beach? Well, East Coast Beaches will cater you such need, you just have to pay for a 5-dollar fee. Or, you can simply park your car in one of the free parking spaces nearby. If you want to bring your sand shovels or boogie board to add enjoyment, you can do so anytime. You don't have to worry for sanitation because these beaches are well-maintained and clean.

#2. Wekiwa Springs State Park - these springs are inside the 7000-acre state park which caters any adventure you may want to experience during your stay. Found in the border of Seminole and Orange Counties, Wekiwa is a natural spring that can provide you with lots of cool water activities and fun. You can also rent a canoe if you wanted to paddle your way down the Wekiwa River. Or, you can do mountain biking and make your own trails.

#3. Turkey Lake Park - just a stone-throw away from Universal Studios, this park is situated on Hiawassee Road. Boat rentals are available for everyone who wants to set sail and get lost into the abyss of the lake. Swimming pools are also available for those who simply want to spend time in the water all day with their families. Nature trails are for those who want more adventure during their stay and the outdoor grills are open for everyone hungry. Of course, children and parents have play areas they can spend some time together to make the best out of their holidays and vacations.

#4. Rock Springs State Park - this is Orlando's most-visited and famous area to go tubing. Every year, this fresh water spring attracts millions of adventurous travelers and water lovers especially during summer time or hot season. This is a family-friendly park so you don't have to worry of bringing your family along with you on your vacation. Lagoons and pools are open for everybody any time of the day in this spring in Apopka.

#5. Blue Springs State Park - just a few minutes drive from Orlando, this state park is located in Orange County. For those who do not know yet, Blue Springs is a winter home to the West Indian Manatee. You can spend more time scuba diving or relax under the summer sun while you are submerged in cool, clean water. You and your family can enjoy in this park anytime.

The parks, springs and beaches mentioned herein are low-cost which will not exceed $10 for the admission fee. Additionally, you can bring your own food and drinks to even save up more.

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