Five Major Types of Kitchen Tiles Port Melbourne  

by Pool Builders on 03-12-2014 in Articles

From cemented and marble, many people are now shifting to floor tiles port Melbourne. The reason being, tiles are economical, come in various designs, have low maintenance and are easy in installation. Here are five major types of swimming pool tiles Melbourne, from which you can choose the one as per your requirements:

1.Ceramic- kitchen tiles port Melbourne usually experienced high traffic even in living room. Ceramic tiles can be useful at any area of your house where you face high traffic. They are made up of clay and come in matte and glossy finishes. You can buy them in different patterns, designs or even get it customized. Year after year, they will have the same kind of look and they are highly durable which one of the biggest advantages is. Aesthetically appealing and durable, it is a perfect combination for everyone. They require very little or low maintenance.

2.Porcelain- it is usually expensive than the ceramic tiles, because chips and scratches cannot be easily noticed on this kind of flooring. The basic qualities of being shiny, durable and variety available are the same as ceramic.

3.Granite- this is the ideal choice for kitchen tiles port Melbourne as they do not stain or break easily. Marble can get stained easily and takes time to remove it. On the other hand, granite does not have any problem like this. It will be an elegant and stylish addition to your home. It is available in different color and pattern. It is highly durable and can be scratched with sand particles and quartz. They are easy to clean and maintain.

4.Slate- this type of flooring is non-slippery, best for the homes with children or old people. They are highly durable, strong and long lasting. They do not require a lot of attention for maintenance and spilling of coffee or soda should not be a thing to be worried about. They are available in limited color, variety, however you can mix, and match for a better effect. You will find them mainly in rust, gray, green and charcoal.

5.Glass- without any doubt, this is an elegant, stylish and attractive type of flooring. It is going to be a little unusual than the regular but it is a great option. They are a bit expensive and for kitchen, you should install non-slippery glass tiles. If you are looking for a change then this should be a good option to look for.
There are other options also like timber floor port Melbourne and traver tine tiles. Depending on the requirement and budget, you can make your decision.

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