Five Reasons To Take Swimming Workouts  

by Pool Builders on 10-22-2011 in Articles

Swimming workouts are great forms of exercise and can be a lot of fun. So if you are wondering about whether to take or not to take swimming workouts, then below are 5 good reasons why you shouldn't hesitate and just go for it.

#1 - To improve stamina and boost the immune system- Swimming workouts are a form of resistance training where the body has to push against water to reach a certain place. The difference in the water temperature and the body temperature loads the work rate of the cardiovascular system of the swimmer which slowly causes the immune system to build up and become resistant to the cold, flu and other health problems.

#2 - To lose weight - Since swimming is a low impact sport, people who are overweight can easily burn excess calories by swimming without hurting their joints and bones. This activity is known to burn twice the number of calories compared to walking. This activity is a full body exercise which ensures that all the muscles in the body are worked out. Swimming laps or participating in light drills is much easier and less stressful than jogging or working out in a gym. This activity can also regulate or improve the metabolic system and help people burn calories while sleeping.

#3 - To relax - Researches indicate that water has a relaxing effect on many people and when done right, swimming can not only reduce stress but can also reduce mild hyper tension problems. In addition, exercising in water is known to prevent depression, prevent panic attacks and other mild psychiatric problems. It should be noted that people with epilepsy should not swim unless advised by a medical practitioner.

#4 - To have fun - Swimming is a social water sport where people can meet other like-minded people and have fun together by competing or participating in workouts. This activity is fun for people of all ages and both men, women. In addition, swimming is an affordable activity which means that everyone can do it.

#5 - Low chance of injury - People who participate in swimming workouts have a low risk of injury since there are very few ways people can injure themselves while swimming. Since swimming is a low impact sport, swimmers do not have to worry about joint pains and muscle pain if they swim correctly. Swimmers may feels some muscle soreness during the first week but this is only happens while the body adjusts to a new activity. It is important to note that jumping from heights or diving at shallow places can cause injuries hence these activities should be avoided. Children should be supervised when they swim and senior citizens should preferably swim in the shallow part of pools.

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