Five Reasons Your Water Bill Is Too High  

by Pool Builders on 09-06-2012 in Articles

A high water bill can be more trouble than just an expensive bill. Besides affecting your wallet, a high water bill could mean more serious problems are waiting to be discovered. If you notice that your water bill is gradually rising or has already gone through the roof, it's in your best interests to call a licensed, insured and experienced underground utility inspector to determine the true cause of the problems. With a little detective work, a little luck and these reasons for high water bills, you can help prevent the high costs of big bills before they have a chance to do damages to more than just your bank account.

Misread Meter

More often than not a surprise water meter hike is caused by simple human error. If your water bill has been relatively stable every month up until the new bill came in, it may be because the meter reader was at fault. Be sure to check your water meter usage numbers against the ones listed on your bill. Call your local water company right away if you notice any discrepancies in the reading.

Plumbing Leaks under the Slab

A common problem with city water supply systems that have a higher concentration of chemical disinfectants is plumbing leaks under the slab. When particulates in the water supply gather at the bends and turns of your under-the-slab water lines, they can increase water pressure at these sensitive points and erode microscopic holes in the pipes. To find out if you have a high water bill due to a slab leak, first turn off the water supply to your home. Check the water meter and see if it's still turning. If it has stopped moving, you should call an underground leak detection specialist right away to assess the leak potential of your under-the-slab plumbing pipes.

Pool Leaks

A high water bill can also be from using too much water. In cases where a swimming pool needs to be refilled once a week, you can bet that it has a leak. Most pool leaks can be difficult to diagnose without an expert pool leak detection company performing a checkup. Plumbing pipes, pool filters and the concrete shell itself can all leak for decades without you ever noticing a single drop of water. If you have to fill you swimming pool up constantly, be sure to have it inspected for leaks right away to prevent high bills.

Toilet Leaks

Leaky toilets are often the cause of high water bills. When flapper valves and other internal toilet plumbing systems fail, it can be tough to tell where the leak is coming from. If you suspect your toilet leaks, take off the back cover and listen carefully for the sounds of running water. Turn off the water supply to the toilet, wait an hour, and then check the bowl and tank for drainage. Call a plumber right away to make the repairs before your water bills get out of hand.

Excessive Irrigation

When drought-like conditions prevail, you can bet that your irrigation system is going to have to work longer and harder to keep up with the demands of your landscaping. Be sure to have your irrigation specialist check for pressure loss in the system if you experience high bills. Xeriscaping using native drought tolerant landscaping can ensure your bill remains reasonable all year long.

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