Five Simple Tips for Water Conservation at Home

by Pool Builders on 02-06-2012 in Articles

Many families and individuals are taking steps to conserve water at home. Excessive use of water can cause high municipal bills, environmental damage, and can dry up a private residential well. By conserving water, it's possible to save money while helping the environment. The following 5 tips provide simple but effective ways to conserve water.

Don't Take Baths

Showers are more efficient than baths. The average bath uses 80 gallons of water, while a shower uses only 10. Showering instead of bathing can reduce water usage by 85% for many homeowners. In addition, showering provides a cleaner and more sanitary experience than bathing.

Homeowners who want to conserve even more water can invest in water-efficient shower heads. These shower heads are designed to provide a comfortable shower with minimal water usage.

Plant Drought Resistant Grass

One of the largest sources of water waste for a home is gardening and irrigation. While it's always nice to have home-grown vegetables and fruits, it does require lots of water. When planting fruits and vegetables, make sure that the soil isn't sandy or porous. This allows the dirt to hold water more effectively, which can reduce the need for additional watering.

Drought-resistant grass is designed to grow in low-water environments. It offers a great appearance, minimal growth, and doesn't require watering. Many drought-resistant strains of grass only require mowing every 2 months.

Washing the Car

It's always fun to have clean and shiny vehicle sitting in the driveway. While washing a car at home may be a good way to pass the time, it does use excessive amounts of water.

Many professional car wash companies recycle their waste water. Instead of washing a car at home, try having it washed at a car wash. In addition to a professional cleaning, the water that is used to clean the car can be reused to wash other cars.

Swimming Smart

A swimming pool can be a great way to cool down on a warm day. The average swimming pool requires 25,000 gallons of water to fill. During the summer, up to 500 gallons of water can evaporate every week. This requires refilling the water on a regular schedule.

A great way to reduce evaporation is by installing a swimming pool cover. This will help conserve heat, reduce evaporation, and will minimize leaves and other debris in the pool.

Collecting Rainwater

Rainwater barrels can be a great way to provide irrigation for a garden, flushing toilets, and cleaning up outside. Rainwater should not be used as drinking water without treatment. However, rainwater can be used for many things around the home.

It's important to be aware how water usage impacts one's finances, the environment, and the planet.

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