Five Steps to a Clean Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 10-04-2010 in Articles

You wanted a pool to enjoy-not to add to the complexity of your life. You pictured a hot day just perfect for jumping into those cool, blue waters. You wanted your own personal pool ready for your enjoyment whenever you wanted. However, you probably did not picture yourself working continually to maintain that wonderful dream.

Now, when reality sets in you come face to face with the cost, care, and maintenance of your pool and may think the cost is just too high.

If that describes your feelings, relax.

Cleaning and maintaining your pool does not have to be that expensive nor time-consuming. Regularly follow these six steps to both simplify your maintenance schedule and save on your monthly bills.

1. Collect the following tools if you don't have them already.

  • Leaf skimmer.
  • Swimming pool vacuum.
  • Wall and floor brush.
  • Algae cleaner.
  • Tile brush.

2. Vacuum the walls and floor of your pool once a week Do this even if your pool has an automatic cleaning pump. Concentrate on places such as corners and stairs that may not get good water circulation. Vacuum back and forth across the swimming pool, overlapping a little with each pass.

3. Use the leaf skimmer to grab any floating objects If you do this daily, as needed, leaves and other objects will not sink to the bottom in the swimming pool, making them harder to remove. In this way, you assure that the pool's circulation system stays at maximum efficiency. In addition, you cut down the need to put in dangerous chemicals like chlorine.

4. Check strainer baskets weekly and clean them out as needed. This is vital for the circulation system to work properly. The automated circulation system is probably the best piece of equipment for keeping your pool clean without maintenance--especially if it is connected to its own skimmer.

5. Check the pH of your pool weekly to make sure that bacteria and algae don't flourish. Use a sanitizer to fight bacteria, and shock the pool on a regular basis to keep water clear.

These steps, performed as indicated, will take only minutes of your time and will help you to preclude problems before they occur. Then, relax and enjoy your pool!

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