Five Things You Need to Know Before Installing an Easy Set Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-04-2009 in Articles

Easy Set Pools are affordable above ground pool options, but installation requires care if you want your pool to last. Before installing your pool, make sure you have gone over this easy checklist.

1. Never install a pool without first contacting your town or state regarding permit laws. Some towns allow Easy Set Pools without requiring a fence or permit, but others do. For example, in Arizona a fence with a locking gate must protect any pool deeper than 18 inches and 8 feet wide. If you fail to meet this requirement, you face fines if you do not add the fence within 45 days.

2. Once you have permission, if required, find a level area of your yard. The area where your above ground pool is situated must be level. Failure to follow this step may lead to a wall collapse from the uneven weight of the water. If your yard is not level, consider digging out a circle and making it level or using plants and bricks to create a level surface. If you have a concrete patio, Easy Set pools can be set up on patio surfaces easily. Just lay a tarp down first to prevent the surface from scratching your pool's liner.

3. If you are on well water, hire a company to fill your pool. Even a small Easy Set pool requires 639 gallons of water. Water capacities are as follows:

  • 10 foot - 1,018 gallons
  • 12 foot - 1,485 to 1,779 gallons
  • 15 foot - 2,822 to 3,738 gallons
  • 16 foot - 3,754 to 4,273 gallons
  • 18 foot - 4,786 to 5,894 gallons

Your well may not be able to handle that capacity without emptying completely. Hydro fracturing an empty well is expensive and unnecessarily if you hire a water company.

4. Check the entire area for rocks, sticks and other objects that can rip the Easy Set pool liner. It's best to get down on your hands and knees and thoroughly search the area. Next, lay a tarp down. Crab grass can grow through an Easy Set pool liner, so it is best to use a tarp to prevent this damaging issue. You can patch the vinyl pool, but it requires emptying your pool and drying it completely. You'll be a couple days without a pool. In addition, if you paid for water, you will waste money on a second delivery.

5. Remember to think about your Easy Set's location. Unless you live in a warm climate, you will have to drain your pool in the autumn. If your pool is too close to your home's foundation, you risk flooding your basement when you empty the pool. Make sure the pool will drain in an area where you do not mind a heavy amount of water covering your lawn.

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