Fix green pool and make it turn clear again!  

by Pool Builders on 05-20-2011 in Articles

Fix green pool and make it turn clear again!

First off, to fix green pool you'll need to begin by way of blending algaecide with water in a 5 gallon container. To know how much algaecide you'll have to utilize in this process, you will need to know how much gallons of water your pool contains. Also, you'll have to skim the algaecide case. Adhere to the instructions precisely and look after your hands for this chemical is harmful. Put in the algaecide and distribute equally into your pool water.

Remember that your pool water turned green for the chemical levels aren't balanced. This might have occurred because you haven't examined the levels regularly and put in necessary chemicals. Additionally, it could be an outcome of your pool pump not functioning appropriately. Have your pool water examined and put in chlorine or salt, conditional to the kind of pool you own in order to return the chemical levels to its normal ranges.

Afterwards, find your sand filter and make use of backwashing for several minutes so as to clear out any impurities. Once done, return the filter to the filter function. Be cautious for some filters can just be twisted in the clockwise course. Refer to your filter instruction copy to be certain that you're doing the correct way.

Consequently, to completely fix green pool you need to clean the grid filter directed to the pool pump in-line. At this moment, you have to close the main filter valve and skimmer valve to prohibit the pool water from going out the grid filter cover. Remember to open the valves once you're finished with this step.

Then let your pool pump run. Scrub the corners of the pool meticulously to get rid of every alga. Include the steps and the base of the pool as well.

Next to fix green pool, plug in the pool sweeper and make sure that you have fine suction. Better suction can be attained by sealing the main filter return to the pool pump and shortening the return to the pool pump by half of it. When completing this, observe the pool pump sight glass to make certain that the pump is receiving enough water flow. Take note that the pool pump shouldn't run dry. Then vacuum the whole base of the pool.

You may have to do backwashing on your sand filter once more, varying on how swampy your swimming pool was before you've started the entire process. Now turn on the pool pump continuously each day until it becomes clear and the chemicals are balanced.

Make sure that the pump timer of your pool is functioning appropriately. Begin at about 6 to 7 hours each day and check the pool state. For swimming seasons, you may have to run it longer to get away to fix green pool again in the future.

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