Flights To Manila- Enjoy The Striking Beaches  

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Philippines is a small country located in Southeast region. From a small tribal settlement to brimming metropolis of today, Philippines has crossed miles to become one of the most popular destinations in the world. The pristine beaches of the country are major attractions for people visiting it. The sparkling blue water and white sand are just perfect to relax as well as to indulge in number of water sports.
Unlike Thailand, Philippines beaches not very crowded. You can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, boating and a lot more at the beaches of the country. Some of the beaches also have restaurants, small shops and pubs along its side. You can simply sit in these restaurants and pubs sipping your favorite drink and watching the friendly Filipinos.
Philippines flights can be booked for visiting the beautiful beaches of country. The capital of the country Manila is also blessed with some amazingly beautiful beaches. Book flights to Manila and come to the capital with your friends and family to enjoy the refreshing water at the shores.
Located two to three hours from the capital, Batangas is the place where you will find some exotic beaches of the country. These beaches are so fulfilling that you will not regret even if you haven't visited the other parts of the country. Boarding flights to Manila is enough for enjoying some great beaches in Philippines.
Among the famous beaches close to Manila is Matabungkay Beach. This is a very popular beach among the locals as well as tourists. This is an amazing beach to enjoy snorkeling and sailing on bamboo rafts. Amidst its cool breeze you can relax like never before.
Calatagan Beaches are known for its beautiful resorts. You will also find swimming pools adjoining the sea where the guests at the resorts have option to either swim in sea or pool or both. There is large number of fishes in the ponds located here. So, you can also enjoy variety of seafood while you relax in cool breeze and gentle water of the Calatagan beaches.
Bauan Beaches are ideal for indulging in number of water sports. The locals are proud of Bauan Beaches. These beaches have vast shorelines which is perfect for sun bathing and walking.
San Juan Beaches offers a picturesque beauty which is irresistible. The sparking water and fine sand make the beaches very beautiful and also popular. Enjoy stay in resorts located at these beaches like Acuatico Beach Resort or Eastern Resort.
Other than these there are many other exotic beaches in Manila. To enjoy them just get flights to Manila booked and come close to the beauty of nature in Philippines.

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